[PC] Patch is live - Sonnstille Keep is active

Good morning heroes!

Today is a smaller fix patch, and also activates a summery themed keep for the U5 to hang out in.


  • Into the Nest: Fixed an awkward Globadier spawn point.
  • Into the Nest: Fixed a location after the boss fight where bots can get stuck.
  • Into the Nest: Fixed a spot where players might drop dead without aparent cause.
  • Grail Knight Activated Ability: Dimmed the brightness of the effect by about 50% based on community feedback.
  • Horn of Magnus: Adjusted some player respawn points to mitigate funky/illogical respawns.
  • Fixed a crash that could manifest in rare cases at the end of a match.
  • Added some logic to try and prevent a crash caused by trying to open a box for Grail Knight when you are playing as another character (this was only possible when using the UI Improvements mod).
  • Grail Knight bots should now use their activated ability on Chaos Warriors.
  • Fixed Grail Knights passive texts overflowing in DE/IT locales in the talent window.
  • Fixed some cases where Grail Knight subtitles did not match audible VO.
  • Okri’s challenges should now show which DLC is required to activate DLC limited challenges.
  • Kruber’s (Foot Knight) Talent ‘Bull of Ostland’ should now work as host or client.
  • Fixed GKs “Knights Challenge” passives description which was showing 10% instead of 25%

Did you mean a lot except his active shouts? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nevertheless, thanks for giving us that nice keep again, i missed it last year.

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Take me some screenshot, I’m stuck near a beach without my computer :’(

Make a sandcastle and roleplay!

Nice, any news about the event, if there’s gonna be one?

I ask because I end up missing sonnstille usually, if possible I’d like to plan around it.




Also no quests (yet?)



Thanks a lot. Very nice.

There wont be a full event this year due to holidays here in Sweden, and the stuff we’ve been working to release last week has consumed a lot of that time, as well as other developments we’ll talk about soonish!


Ah, neat. Did they fixx the movement speed passive text as well?

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Thanks, it’s good to know.

Does soonish means very soon ? Or regular soon ? On a ladder which start from Soon™ to Right Now, where do you think we are ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Is Soon™ at the top, at the bottom? How many rungs?

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Soon™ is usually 3 months away. Right now is right now. Each rung is a week.

Second thoughts, we’re going to take the lift. Which floor is Right Now? Ground? Which floor is Soon™? How many stories does this building have??

Floor 0 is right now. Soon™ is at 12. Each floor is a week.
The building have ‘lots’ of stories.


I’m not getting the keep sonnstille keep change with the flowers and everything, it’s just the normal keep BUT the sonnstille music is playing. Tried validating files and disabled all mods but still won’t get the pretty decorations. Any tips?

Try increasing your Scatter Density setting

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