Patch #5

That is the silliest, most hyperbolic strawman I’ve ever seen on this topic. How the hell did you parse something like “I still can’t get the thing I want in 400+ hours” which is one of the more repeated complaints of the itemisation as it is and mental gymnastics it into that line?

The rest of your justifications for a lack of player agency in itemisation, the layers of RNG, the siloing, the unreliability of time locked random shops and dismissing other player’s experiences sound just as out of touch as that remarkable feat of mental gymnastics.

Maybe you just play Ogryn, because Ogryn does have the best experience with Melk’s blessings since he can only get class items there, but for the other 3 classes it’s rubbish for any class weapons because of the torrent of shared weapons taking up the generation pool.

Saying “I’m lucky, you should be too,” is amazingly tone deaf when there are people slamming their heads against the RNG wall.

Maybe you just don’t believe their experiences, but that is still no reason to be so dismissive about it to the point you are defending a mostly indefensible system, even unintentionally.

Think of it this way, if things improve, they improve for you too. If you’ve already got the stuff you wanted, what’s the harm of other people getting what they want too?


Maybe I’ve peered into the abyss for far too long and become a thread chaser too but after the balance changes all I’ve seen is

  1. the Player is not able to get the specific super rare chase items (usually power cycler)
  2. some vague post about not being able to get “good weapons” from a player that turns out doesn’t even look at items below 370 ratings, and actually wants a “level playing field system” with around 1-3h hours of game time required to unlock everything pointed out 50 posts below the original.

Even force sword complaints are more or less gone apart from chase blessings, and that’s like the worst of the bunch blessing wise with 13 or so different ones.

@zaygr I think it’s also a good reply to what you wrote, too to see where I’m coming from.

You tell me what you think the “good amount of hours” to be to unlock everything. It isn’t a strawman when everyone complaining comes to that conclusion (1-3h hours tops for all gear unlocks).

I think it isn’t “I’m lucky” I’m just not the one who goes only for top stuff for “experimentation”. I also pretty regularly add things that I would change and think are bad, like ordo, plasteel siloing, hourly reset being bad ect.

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You’re definitely missing two zeroes, because usually I see people give 100-300 hours for a possibly good amount of time to reach the point where itemisation effectively ends and then you can get what you want out of the itemisation almost immediately. Perhaps you were conflating the get anything immediately with the total time it takes to reach that point?

For a lot of people including me, experimentation and item variety does a lot more for game longevity than slamming our heads against an unyielding RNG wall.


Oh, so you just misunderstood me, what do you think the “h” in “1-3h hours” stands for? The h stands for hundred. Don’t tell me you think I say people want the itemization to end after just 1-3 hours.

I’m saying that almost no one has said 1-3 hours.


I have seen literally zero people make this claim.


Oh, sorry, I have never seen that notation before. That’s probably where that part of the misunderstanding is coming from.


I’ll put 0-s instead next time.

Maybe because h is ISO unit for hour… I think he is slightly trolling.

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Crafting is still useless for experimenting, options still get looked without any acceptable reason despite to frustrate the player, gear progressing feels horrendous due to it basically being impossible.
Why make your products flawed on purpose without any kind of non-tonedeaf reaction/interaction with the community by people who are actually responsible for game design decisions that are, for all intents and purposes, objectivly wrong? Map choices, parameters, actual scoreboard,…

Seriously, someone needs to come forward and explain him or herself, no corpospeak, simply standing up ones mistakes, mending them and then we all can go forward together. FS just needs to do the first step and be better than the worlds Blizzards, EAs and Ubisofts.


And I am going to be a millionaire* one day!

  • In terms of the purchasing power of 1 million pounds at the time of William the Conqueror.
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This is an excellent suggestion. It’s clear huge mistakes were made, systems completely alien to any kind of acceptable standard were created, something entirely hostile and disgusting to paying customers must have been the intent behind all of it.

Fair enough, but we’re still here on the forums, because in the middle of all that, someone managed to plant an outstandingly fun 40k adaptation of already golden 'Tide gameplay. So please Fatshark, come clean, and we’ll move onwards together.


Wouldn’t that be the day. Doing something like this will say more than “We are listening to your feedback” ever could.

And I wish more developers would just come out and STATE their intent to double down on design choices. Like, seriously, Fatshark. Are you ever going to make ANY FUNDAMENTAL changes to the crafting system and give players what they want? Save us both some time and me my money so I can move on already. (facetious)


That would be nice either way.

1.) “We heard a majority of you want less RNG and better systems outside game play. We will do X,y, and Z to achieve this.”

2.) “We stand behind our design intents and want the game to go in this direction for reasons X, y, and z.”

If 1, great, I can play when it’s implemented assuming it fixes it.
If 2, great, I can never look at the forums for darktide, unfollow, and ignore, and remove the game from my steam library.


just gonna have to wait another week or two to find out