Patch #4 - Blessings of the Omnissiah

But you can’t see its base stats.

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Yep. Gotta RNG that RNG. Even mitigating RNG has to have RNG for Fatshark.


+ordo dockets on curios went from complete trash to maybe a chase? i think this is a new damnation run, and if these numbers are routine then plasteel will no longer be the bottleneck at all


When you Re-Bless a weapon, you ought be able to choose almost any blessing from almost any weapon to *REALLY give us that mix and match experimentation.

Infeenus + lawbringer = Incendiary shells
Brutal momentum + braced auto = horde cleaver
Lacerate + Flamer = HOLY SERRATION

Some weapon species things like power cycler would not apply to most of the weapons but most blessings could go anywhere! TO REALLY FEEL BLESSED BY OMNISSIAH AND BRING OUT THE POTENTIAL BEYOND WHAT THAT WEAPON NORMALLY COULD ROLL!

Also, letting us switch the lock for 2K plas or 1K diam would be a cool high level material dump

Glad to see some things getting fixed in terms of map bugs and all that, but…

Where are the performance and crash improvements? The performance section of this Darktide forum is still filled with hundreds of people having issues with this games poor optimization, including me.

Please roll optimization updates in these blogs under the “engine” section.

We want to know that you guys are working on getting this game optimized.

I know this is unrelated to the patch but people are here
DOES ZEALOTS BLOODLETTING not work? Iam hitting enemies in psykanium who ARE bleeding and Iam only getting stacks randomly
Only weapon which procs it consistently is knife

This patch resolves probably around 80% of my personal complaints the game has had since release, very excited to get back into it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the work guys, hope this is a first step in a long and epic journey to greatness.


The f… is the point if Brunt’s armory ?

And why did I lose 15 fps in the hub looking towards the spawn point somehow ?

You mean the random items generated ? - blessings to take, if good weapon spawns.
If you mean buying a weapon TYPE ? - this is crafting 1:1 what we wanted

Thank you for the notes and all the much needed additions and changes.
Any update on PC-crossplay ?

“Emperor’s Gift The Emperor’s Gift will now be awarded upon every successful Mission completion. Playing at a higher difficulty level will increase the chances of a higher rarity item being gifted. Additionally, Conditions will also affect the chances of increasing the rarity of items being gifted.”

No mention of Secondary Objectives anymore, i.e. scriptures/grims

Original Dev Blog: “The Emperor’s Gift, which was occasionally received upon successful mission completion, will now be granted upon every mission completion without any limit by time, as was previously the case. In addition, the Emperor’s Gift will be influenced by several factors: The difficulty of the chosen mission and the conditions and side missions completed . Both factors will improve the chances of receiving an item with higher potential.”

Which is true? Do grims/scrips contribute to better Emperor’s Gifts or not?


It feels like the names should be swapped. Requistioning should be when you order something specific and browsing Brunt’s Armoury for items already there.


Overall I’m positively surprised by the changes (on paper). Especially the ones concerning QoL such as loadouts. I doubt it’s giving me enough player agency to pick the game up again (mainly excessive RNG for weapons and maps/modifiers) but I might actually start it up and see how it feels.

Also, good on you for not siloing the extracted blessings. That’s literally a small blessing to counteract some of the siloing and unnecessary grind.

I think the primary purpose might be to balance up the material gain on all difficulties in order to not give you e.g. plenty more diamantine on higher difficulties. I haven’t paid too much attention to that complaint though, so don’t hold me to it.

What’s the approximate range in your experience? Still 300 - 380 with a strong focus on the lower end?

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The crafting system is still garbage.


i did the testing, in roughly 200-250k spent, before doing the scraps/returns, i got a 364, 365 and a 370. extremely far from good data though.


Patch looks more impressive than I expected. But I am still giving the game a hard pass until item acquisition & crafting is significantly more deterministic. I am not at all interested in constantly checking the damn shops for items. Nor am I content in frequently flushing resources down the drain because I attempted to “upgrade” an item but got saddled with multiple bad perks and/or blessings. Lack of cross character items & the fact that even these adjusted weeklies are still tuned in such a way to make it extremely time consuming to do them across multiple characters is also a great concern of mine.

And this is to say nothing about the many issues I have with the actual bloody gameplay. Which is still markedly inferior to Vermintide 2 in almost all regards sans gunplay.


Remove Blessing and Perk locks forever thanks


-“replaced feat ‘Knife through butter’ (Fully charged heavy attacks have unlimited cleave) with ‘Knock em’ down, beat em’ up’”

Off ALL the talents WHY change this one? Why change such an unique talent with another boring stat based boost.

-“Fixed issue with ‘Blood & Thunder’ feat where bleed would be applied on non damaging attacks, for example attacks on Bulwark shields.”

This is NOT an “issue”, I thought this was an very unique and fun way for the ogryn to be actually usefull in damaging bullwarks. I even tought this was a cleaver game mechanic intented for this.

same thing
bought 30 items
most items below 350
highest i got was a 373

While we can now buy the weapon type we want, it does not help at all once you have a decent weapon with ok perks and blessings.
Just as expected, the “improvement” to item acquisition just adds dockets to the number of currencies that are burned in order to brick more items.
Effectively, (excluding the dockets that we have farmed before this update) you spend all the dockets that you earned throughout the entire week, in order to get 1 additional weapon with decent base stats, which you can then proceed to brick as well.

What we have now, is ok for the first few days after reaching lvl 30.

In order to make the system viable long term, we need options to remove the locks from perk and blessing as well as the ability to upgrade base stats of an item in order to max them all out.


All the RNG is still there, FatShark is just hoping we won’t notice or something.

But don’t worry, they are “keeping your feedback in mind.”

Truly FatShark must be where all good ideas go to die.