Patch 4.4 Performance Issues/FPS Drops

Many players have observed substantial performance improvements with the release of patch 4.4 but we appreciate this hasn’t solved everybody’s issues, and so we need to continue investigating.

Please help us out by including the information below:

  • What sort of FPS are you achieving?
  • Have you made sure your mods are disabled? This is important!
  • Your PC’s specifications?
  • Your Windows version? ‘Settings’ → ‘About’ → ‘OS Build’
  • Was Sienna played? Which career?
  • Was there lit lamp oil involved?
  • Which locations do you notice this the most in? Screenshots of the worst offending areas appreciated!
  • Did your FPS drop after using power-ups, or right from the start?

Thank you!


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There is a type of performance issue that i’m still seeing after 4.4 and it typically doesn’t change FPS (at least when capped at 60, which after 4.4 is more stable for me than uncapped at 100+ with some swings dips).

Often during an instance of high enemy density, it feels like there is input lag.
FPS doesn’t move although CPU usage will sometimes go DOWN. Typically you expect a higher CPU usage/load if there is lag, not the inverse.

It doesn’t record well, as input lag typically doesn’t.

Issue noticed more in Chaos Wastes than not.

Always CPU bottlenecked, despite the old GPU it doesn’t need to do much, typical load:

Issue happens with/without mods, and with/without Sienna or oil.

My obs seems to have lost the old input tracker I had installed on it, although I’m not even sure it would help.

Considering Chaos Wastes in later areas often results with a lot of temp buffs and buff stacking, there’s certainly a possibility that this is a factor, but I’m doubtful.

This could literally just be an issue with the servers, but maybe it’s not, or something can be done to limit the load with them.

For me, it’s happening at very weird intervals. Sometimes a horde plays out fine, other times I’m getting huge FPS drops. Sometimes if a Blightstormer casts a vortex near me and I look at the vortex, my FPS drops from 60+ to about 20 or less. If I’m looking at one specific torch or if I’m inside a cave, looking at one specific angle also drops FPS.

If this wasn’t enough, there are many audio issues ever since the patch drops. All I’m hearing is just ambience sounds, music and dialogue/banter. I can’t hear specials spawning, I can’t hear the “about to get hit” warning sound, nor can I hear hits or the X-Sword iconic headshot sound.

I have an i7 6700K Non-OC, GTX 970 and 16 gigs of ram. The game is also installed on my SSD. I made this reddit post here if it helps… I’m sorry for the vid being short. EDIT: All sanctioned mods were enabled. I’ll try it soon without mods to see the results.

I’ve just finished trying out a new CW expedition without any mods enabled and the experience is the same. I tried taking some screenshots to show the FPS drops but was unaware that in screenshots, the FPS don’t appear. Seems that the oil canister and the Gas Rat bombs cause severe FPS drops. Also, there was no Sienna in the game.

For me, it seems like every level is buggy. The first issue I have is the sound performance: I won’t hear any of the game sounds apart from the characters’ voice lines.
Then huge fps drop up to 3-7 fps in the most intense cases, and it makes the game virtually unplayable. It also seems to be correlated with the game difficulty - fps drops are way more severe on Cata than on Champion, so I my guess it, it is at least partially related to the number of models on the screen.
My PC is intel core i7-7700K CPU 4.20 Hz 16Gb RAM
Win7 19041.1052
Nvidia GeForrce GTX 960

Sienna Pyromancer is in the party
no oil lamp
Drops almost right from the start, before the power-ups applied.
Seems that pretty much any location is buggy. Most bugs I experienced in the whole level of the Citadel, but it drops everywhere

ALSO: tested with both lowest and extreme graphic settings as well as with different audio codec settings, it makes almost zero difference to the fps and sound issues

UPD: THe issue doesn’t happen if I am playing on Champion and I am hosting

Every time somebody Joins the game or I type a message in chat I’m experiencing massive framedrops to the point the game become unplayable. After about 5 seconds it completely normalizes (until I try typing again or somebody else tries to join).

1080ti @ 1440p

What sort of FPS are you achieving?
From 95-135 FPS usually.

Have you made sure your mods are disabled? This is important!
Yes, all mods are disabled.

Your Windows version? ‘Settings’ → ‘About’ → ‘OS Build’
Windows 10 Pro Version 21H1 (Build 19043.1110)

Was Sienna played? Which career?

Was there lit lamp oil involved?

Which locations do you notice this the most in? Screenshots of the worst offending areas appreciated!
Not specific to locations.

Did your FPS drop after using power-ups, or right from the start?
Power Ups don’t matter.

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