Huge FPS drops

I DM’d @FatsharkLev the console log on Discord, as it’s 2gig.

3 things happened at once, during the last game of Chaos Wastes and my FPS started spiking like crazy.

  1. A Grail Knight started joining the match
  2. I got a Crit on high density with (Atharti’s Delight, Recursive Toxin and Lingering Blackvenom)
  3. My WPoS friend was running on the spot and said that things wasn’t moving for him

After that I had huge FPS drops, but I was host, so I didn’t want to leave. We thought it was the GK’s skin somehow being bugged, but he ran off alone died and left, and nothing changed. The low FPS was sustained. I checked Task Manager, and all it showed was that V2 kept hitting almost 50% CPU usage. No scans or updates was running.

My friend on the WPoS then DC’d after having several moments where the same laggy thing happened, where he said half of the enemies was running in place.

After he DC’d my FPS went back to normal. He rejoined and it was still completely normal.

I have had lag spikes since the recent patch, when seeing the poisons proc. Could be similar to the Sienna fire lag that used to occur.

We later got a ridiculously high density spawn on the last part of the map, with the affix for higher enemy defenses, nothing would die, so it all stacked up and I didn’t lag much at all.

Hi @Kitten,

I’ve received the log! I’ll open an investigation in our database and we’ll monitor reports of lag spikes and see if there’s a correlation with poison.

Thank you!

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