What happened? Massive GPU lag [Solved]

I was doing the Halloween event last week and I was impressed with how much better the game was running. GPU never went over 50C and I was getting a good 100+ FPS, I actually capped my FPS at 90 just to cut down on resources.

I had to go work in Uppsala over the weekend and I just got back on today to finish the Halloween event. Fired up my PC and my god, I don’t know what is going on… It’s noticeable even in the keep. It feels like I’m going through bursts? Game runs normal speed for 2 seconds then slows down for 2 seconds. The only way I can describe it is walking with a limp. But it only seems to effect my character, the mobs and stuff in game still move at normal speed and don’t slow down. Strangely enough, when I join a lobby, it does it to everyone else in the game too.


In game now, I’m dropping down to 38FPS. I joined a recruit game to test, and with barely any mobs on the screen I was struggling to push 40FPS.

console-2019-11-04-10.36.46-c766ea6c-048e-4371-9ce4-d71dd269b840.log (597.8 KB)

EDIT: gonna validate the game files now and see if windows did any updates

EDIT: It was Steam

Not sure about the fps issue, but damn that new font looks amazing ! :joy: 10/10

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My group also noticed some GPU/FPS/screen lag. We play with 60-70 latency, but you can clearly experience that the result of an action is displayed later than it should have been visible. Headshotting a SV with crossbow and it dies a fraction of a time later, cut of heads flying off with visible delay and so on.

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I had one game over the weekend where I was getting inexplicable frame drops as well. Thought it was a fluke. I came back later in the day to play on a fresh start of the game and the issue was gone. Not really sure what the deal was/is.

It seems to be working fine now. I asked around and apparently people are saying it’s Steams new Library update. People are reporting the same issue on other games… Quitting steam and relaunching it seems to fix the issue.

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a reason they should revert steam library. i dont like it because everything’s clumped up now. if i wanted to be surrounded by clutter, i would be a hoarder :slight_smile:

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Isn’t it awful? Fairly sure its weirdly high GPU consumption tanked my frame rates playing last night. Nothing else had changed from last time I played and people on r/steam have been reporting high GPU/CPU usage just browsing their library.

Unfortunately V2 may get pinned with a number of performance issues that are really Steam’s fault

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By Asuryan, I just noticed… that new Steam library layout is a mess xD


glad it was just steam just being steam and corrupting game files like usual.

I hate the new steam layout, its absolute trash and whoever decided that needs to get shot for realz.

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