Worse FPS after 1.04/1.05 patches?

Is it only me or have the FPS dropped for you since those patches?

I have an old rig (i5 4670k @ 4.4 and R9 280, 16 gig ddr3) but before i could play 1080 @ high with 45-60 fps maybe 85% and some small drops now and then after patch its more like 35-45… Kinda big difference.

Also the game seems to look better, a bit sharper?

yeah this happened to me in some maps, like the fort

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Yes, I have noticed a quick stutter or two in the beginning of maps.

I noticed the same thing, mine hasn’t been bad tho. My framerate drops are always situational, when there’s a lot of enemies on screen and Sienna is busy burning the whole world down.

I ended up dropping most of my settings down to medium / high and that made it way better, without much drop in visual quality. I do hope we get a performance-geared patch somewhere down the road!

Huh, I’m running on an i5-3570k @ 4.5 with a gtx 1060 and on medium/high I’m generally seeing 90-110 fps. You may want to try slightly turning down the shadow quality or number of casting lights. I know there were some issues with light quality that were addressed, so may be impacting your situation.

May not be worthwhile for your specific situation, but you could also try bumping your application priority from “normal” to “above_normal”. Will mostly only have an impact if your CPU is hitting 100% utilization as it will down prioritize any background processes that might be impacting your gameplay.

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I’m gonna try this out for mine, thanks for the recommend!

Yes i will try and tweak settings some, but it was working so good before :frowning:

But yes i think the did something to the light, there is much more advanced light since the patches i believe, also a bit crisper textures/overall.

Il try and mess with the setting to see if i find anything useful for others in the same spot.