Sienna beaming around

Am I the only one experiencing huge fps drops when fighting melee horde, or a pack, which is Sienna currently beaming with staff? Fells like I have 5-6 fps at moments cause of light effects, and due to “attack speed is fps related” makes my waveclear and survivability awful

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I noticed huge fps drops when I have programs like discord running in the background. I am not sure if you have discord running. If so, it might help to close that program first before playing the game.

No, u’re not alone.

huge fps drops post 1.0.6, sadly.

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its because horde are bigger in latest patches. nothing to do with beam i think. but 5-6 fps means your system is very weak

no, for example in fort braksenbrucker, it was fine in 1.0.5, but in 1.0.6, looking at certain areas in the map has a huge fps drop. no horde, just the start of the map. not sure what they changed. sienna burning many targets by sweeping her beam staff around a horde wasn’t an issue before, after 1.0.6, it introduces a lot of fps drop too.

=( wish they would fix it

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No offense, but your computer is a potato. I run max everything smooth as ever.

yeah, i have 750 ti. tho Im playing minimal settings 1080p. and I noticed this issue after 1.05 patch
upgrading graphics planned, but not until prices going down to a reasonable level after cryptocurrency hype.
still, dropping fps to 5-6 from 60-80 is kinda issue i think

Yes, I think the flame effects on the targets might be a bit too heavy. It’s fine most of the times, but when she beams around a horde and you have close up on the visuals the fps tanks more than it should.

After last patch, I have fps drop.

well like i said, everything was fine prepatch, did my computer suddenly drop it’s specs when the patch rolled out?

but that being said yes, my computer is kind of a potato, needs an upgrade too

have noticed that when enemies are really stacked on top of each other and someone bombs them or wipes out a clump with an AoE, my fps will tank quite significantly for a second

yeah, I upgraded 750ti to 1066 and still have same issue on medium + taa

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I’ve noticed lag spikes lately. When you load into certain maps, almost like a freeze for half a second then the game continues on…

Got good specs, but i´ve got the same issue.

It´s not the beamstaff at all, it´s the fire-animation from any staff, that causes fps drops at my games.
Didn´t had it some weeks ago. :frowning:

Edit: It don´t appears if i play Sienna. It´s just if i fight on melee and looks like my monitor burns, because of any sienna shooting from behind.

havent noticed, but then i tend to leave lobbies with a sienna in it.

Having a humble gtx 760, every firebomb, fireball and conflag explosion or lots of burning enemies basicly results in framedrops.

Probably the mass amount of hits to process when the beam staff is swept across a horde, combined with every enemy producing burn particles.

Its not exclusive to fire, but more likely to happen there. I had situations when going down the guildsmans lift in bubblebutt and the horde was stacking up down there, a single bomb center-mass froze my game 1-2 seconds straight.

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Yeah I find the beam’s blast attack or blackfire bomb into a huge clump of mobs will chug me for a moment but I never get slowdown from the beam itself.

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I have a 1080 card but run the game in 4k (x4 resources needed) I usually have 50-60 fps nowadays. My settings aren’t all maxed out I reduced shades, effects and disabled anti-aliasing (not that necessary with x4 pixels).
I used to get a huge performance impact if someone managed to set a horde aflame.

What helped for me was activating windows game mode (windows + g).
Now I know that this mainly reduces the effect of background tasks but you know I’m gonna use discord when I like it.

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