Probably found the bug that lower your fps with sienna

Hello, first of all this is not a “how to boost your fps guide” , as some of you may already noticed when there is an experienced sienna who can use wand a lot you may get fps lows.
I like to play with sienna and some guys told me that they couldn’t even play with me cause it’s fps were lowering to 10-30 fps sometimes.
Yesterday I spent like two hour with graphic settings but nothing worked, even at “minimal” or modifying config file you still get huge fps drops even if you computer is strong because it’s not gpu related, but then noticed that if you disable “blood and gore” in gameplay settings you will get a huge fps boost with sienna .

Why do I think this happens?
-Because for some reason sienna wand creates TONS of blood scatter on floor/walls when attacking enemies with FIRE wand when it shouldnt for logical reasons.

The only thing is that if you disable that, you won’t see blood anymore when using melee weapon and we all want to see enemies bleeding out when we cut its throat.

So I make a request to Fastshark or any modder who can fix / do a mod that disables blood scatter with sienna wand which shouldnt be there , should be easy for Fatshark and for a modder.

Test Video, sry just fast recorded it right now

Sorry for my english.


Does lowering the amount of blood decals in the graphics menu lower the performance impact of the flames?

Do you mean AS sienna or WITH sienna?

Because I don’t play sienna and have had this feature turned off since forever and my FPS still drops when a wild sienna uses flamethrower or beam shotgun blast.

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