FPS and Performance issues after 4.4.2 patch

My rig:
RTX 2070 Super
32GB of ram
2TB M.2 drive

Windows 10 drivers have been installed
GPU drivers have been updated
Game files have been verified
Currently redownloading the entire game
0 mods installed

After the latest 4.4.2 update I’ve been experiencing constant fps and performance problems
I played on high settings + 4K resolution before the update without any problems.
But now after the update the only way for me to get rid of most of the frame drops is by playing on the lowest settings.

I have noticed that atleast the following events cause frame drops/slowmo effect and it can drop from 60fps to less than 30fps:
Radiant Inheritance on SoT
Blessed Blade on GK
Staring at firing Warpfire Thrower
Looking at exploded lamp oil barrel
throwing any type of bomb at couple of rats next to you
10+ skavenslaves next to you
Quick attacking hordes of enemies
Using SoT staff and overloading with it
Using Bomb or Trollhammer on group of enemies further away

Other issues that I’ve run into:
Clicking benchmark on the game launcher crashes the game
“Thar She Blows!” challenge cannot be completed for some reason even though no one is getting hit by the rings.
“unsafe work environment” challenge cannot be completed even though no one is hitting or pushing the enemies.

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I think the issue may be the night mode, but I’m not sure how to test. I have also been dropping frames very aggressively playing at 1440p on high settings. Is there a setting we can turn down individually to reduce the effect?

Sorry to hear you’ve experienced a drop in performance - we are monitoring performance post-patch.

Ive also been having performance issues.
I have a 3070, also play on high with 4k, usually have 150+ frames.
When SHTF I drop to low 80’s, very jarring.

I deleted and redownloaded the entire game, but for avail.
I also noticed that the fastest way to kill my fps is to use bolt staff and aim at my feet as Sienna.

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