Patch 1.0.4 turned Legendary into a joke

I hope you guys are aware how badly nerfed the recent patch has made Legendary difficulty. There are about 60%-70% less elites throughout the map now, parts of the maps are completely barren in comparison to patch 1.0.3 Legendary.
Ex:Righteous Stand and Athel Yenlui are completely barren and void of Storm Vermins and Chaos Knights that populated the map previously before patch 1.0.4. These maps were known to have a significant population of Storm Vermins and Chaos Knights on the maps, yet with today’s patch 70% or more are missing.

Hordes are a joke to begin with a semi competent person with a flamethrower, staff , or hagbane, the increase in horde size adds absolutely nothing to Legendary since more then 70% of the elites and enemy groups have been removed.
I really hope this is a joke and nothing more then a bug, but you can absolutely not keep Legendary the way it is with patch 1.04, there is no challenge whatsoever it plays like Champion if not worse. Please, please ,please coming from someone who put 1k+ hours into the original game and am over 200+ hours in the second.
Please revert these terrible changes, I welcome the adjustments to the specials and boss fight fixes.
But the reduction in enemy numbers and removal of 70% or more of the elites on the maps is absolutely terrible. Playing Legendary today in comparison to last night before 1.0.4 went live…it feels and plays just terrible in comparison to 1.0.3.

I could totally understand a slight reduction in elite numbers around -20% but currently you have removed more then 70% of the enemies on maps if not more with patch 1.0.4. This is not a bug multiple friends and players confirm the same thing.
Please revert these changes and give us back the proper Legendary difficulty because at the moment it plays like bad joke.:scream::sob::face_vomiting:

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A post was already made about this. Keep like-posts in the same thread.

poor fatshark, people complained about how ridiculous legend was, they nerfed it, now here is more complaints about legend again

damnnnn how to ever satisfy gamers

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