Particles Have Huge FPS Drops Despite Lowering Settings

Despite lowering all settings, particles, mainly Sienna’s flames in a horde, drop my FPS by 30+ frames. Something that is weird is that this doesn’t happen when i’m spectating after dying, only in first person.

Here are some things I have tried:

  • Set ambient light/local light to low.
  • Set max shadow casting lights to low.
  • Disabled bloom.
  • Set transparency resolution to low.
  • Use DX12 mode.
    (in the files)
  • Set particles_capacity_multiplier to 0.2.
  • Set particles_cast_shadows to false.
  • Set particles_local_lighting to false (despite this being false, the particles still seem to light up the area)
  • Set lp character texture settings to 2 (e.g. "texture_categories/character_df_1p" = 2 under texture_settings).
  • Lowered mixed_resolution_rendering_size.


GTX 1070 Ti

console-2021-04-17-22.15.08-d033f537-b465-40e4-8083-3d6733fa4618.log (1000.0 KB)

(the forums didn’t allow me to upload the config file)


Probably related:

Yesterday I spent like two hour with graphic settings but nothing worked, even at “minimal” or modifying config file you still get huge fps drops even if you computer is strong because it’s not gpu related, but then noticed that if you disable “blood and gore” in gameplay settings you will get a huge fps boost with sienna.

Why do I think this happens?
-Because for some reason sienna wand creates TONS of blood scatter on floor/walls when attacking enemies with FIRE wand when it shouldnt for logical reasons.

The only thing is that if you disable that, you won’t see blood anymore when using melee weapon and we all want to see enemies bleeding out when we cut its throat.


I have found stacked gas effects (so when multiple Globadiers throw their globes at the same spot) and the Stormfiend’s fire effect can also cause me fps drops when I’m near/inside the visual effects.

I’ve added this to the database for investigation. Thank you for your detailed report!

I didn’t think that was my issue because it happened even with a lowered amount of blood decals. But thanks, i’ll try disabling blood and gore and see if that helps

I just want to add, that after the Chaos Wastes update, this has gotten much worse. I regularly drop down to 25 FPS (from a normal of around 80) in the Khorne maps and the Citadel of Eternity (the Citadel specifically is horrible for performance). And this is in addition to new stutters in DX12 mode. I have even tried resetting my settings in-case it’s one of the tweaks I have made that causes the issues, but there was no change.

Here is may latest console log (although we crashed quite a few times so it doesn’t cover everything):
console-2021-04-20-23.21.50-34f4e437-0c77-420a-a9f4-bdb76a0a86f8.log (1.9 MB)


It would be very much appreciated if you could add to this post, to help our developers with their investigation: Chaos Wastes Performance Issues - FPS Drops

Done. However, I also want to make it clear that I think these issues are almost entirely separate, I have gotten this bad particle performance since before Chaos Wastes.

I have noticed this also, for example when firing the new griffon pistols, or the new staff from sienna, my FPS drop bigtime when the projectiles are shown…

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