Overcrowdedness of Gunners

Oh, yeah, where did I read that, maybe in this very same thread?

What skill should I have not be annihilated in 1.5 seconds before I even can realize I’m being shot and not hit in melee?

Yeah, our bad entering the hangar by the only entrance it has, what were we thinking?


someone had to… :innocent:


I dont want to be rude but, f-ck off lol :smiley:
We have written here exact situations in which THE GUNNERS just delete 2 people in less than a second, unless their build has bubble/invis/stun resist and close cover
This wasnt some ‘hurr durr we are sitting in open like idiots getting ourselves shot and cry on forums, pls we are stupid’
Like some of you people tend to believe.
But situations where you would die just like the rest of us- If you didnt have that yet, cool enjoy it. Once it happens (AND we also admit it DOESNT happen often, its a minority of bad situations) you will know what we are talking about.


It’s kind of hard to explain. All I can say is that when it happens, it’s pretty obvious that something out of the ordinary has just happened. Something that shouldn’t happen.

I’m not kidding when I say they appear with zero sound, no warning, and that your toughness can be gone before you know you’re being shot at.

It’s not a matter of dodging or outplaying them, or of skill. One second there are no gunners, the next second you’re permastaggered and dead, and there was no hint of a warning.

I can’t speak to people talking about gunners spread out over huge distances and so on, as I think they might be describing a different problem / are complaining about the high number of gunners in general.


Yep, two different scenarios.
Gunners everywhere, and the exacerbation of the problem brough by the out-of-thin-air spawns.

silent spawning, and absence of sound cues in general are a thing right now. More than half the time there’s a demon host, we don’t find out until we run into it. Also, sometimes specials aren’t making noise when they spawn or when they run around. Then there’s even lack of visual cues, like the sniper laser not showing, nor the sound cue for the shot. Just a damn mess.


Look I didn’t reply to you, what @desrocchi described is absolutely a skill issue. What @CommanderJ has described sounds like a bug with sound effects and spawning locations that could very well be an issue as much as silent Crusher overheads or instant shot Snipers are.

I had been caught off-guard by gunners before and I would consider it hard to deal with that situation compared to IDK 3+ crushers/Bulwarks suddenly appearing behind you, but there is/was always a sound-cue for me before they start shooting.

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Fair and balanced.

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This is still a thing in Patch 15.

A horde cannot be composed of waves of special gunners… I get it the director has been reworked, maybe limit the number of ranged enemies can spawn at once.

The number of gunner Ogryns also seems to be up, but it might just be anecdotal.

This is the chat from my last run



Iam coming back to this topic after trying out the new map.
And yup its still absolutely r-tarded.
15 gunners spawned at one place, next thing I know Iam dead

This isnt fun, there is NOTHING you can do outside of mandatory talents lol


Could it be now there are also too many snipers?

I just had a run where at a point there were 5 active snipers at the same time.

To be fair, that positioning is just asking to be skewered. But that said, the possible way to deal with this nicely assembled firing line would be to dodge sideways behind the container. The shooters will actually close in on you and once they are within 8 meters switch to melee (unlike the gunners who are currently bugged in this regard).

There is a modifier for that one, that spawns anywhere from 5-8 snipers at a time. You sure it wasn’t that?

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Sure, sure.
Now those appeared behind my back while I was fighting others, they’re in the screenshot because I turned the camera, not because I was looking at them when they appeared.


When papa Nurgle decides you’re dead. You’re dead.

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T5 non auric are too difficult. I don’t want to play three hours and don’t even finish a game because we don’t have a dome*shard psycher.

Leave some room for the non pro-gamer having fun.

I don’t mind when the gunners are all bunched up like this. Easy pickings. What I do not like (and I’m using Chasm Station HL-16-11 as an example for this, particularly the room with stairs and hallways right after the short tunnel system) is when you have about a dozen gunners spread out across three different floors of elevation, all with cover, all accompanied by regular ranged enemies, also accompanied by a reaper or two, and some shotgunners.

Even as a veteran whose job it is to deal with these guys? It’s hard to deal with that situation while you have hordes of poxwalkers and ragers breathing down your neck at the same time. Sitting in cover isn’t an option, nor is moving into the open where the sea of ranged enemies can hammer you from three different points of varying elevation. It’s either bring out the melee weapon to protect yourself from the melee horde while you get peppered or switch the ranged and try desperately to pick off the sea of moving ranged enemies while you pray you team can keep the melee hordes off of you.

When I want this kind of gameplay, I play Auric or STG damnation. You shouldn’t be experiencing auric gameplay in standard heresy and below. Like you said, basically. Special enemies should not be as common or even more common than pox walkers or regular ranged enemies are.


This is my issue with gunners tbh, recently ive been feeling like the only real answer to massed gunners/shotgunners is to just try and run up to punch them in the face before they get a chance to spread out and start shooting. I increasingly feel like I do my job better as a budget zealot because while its risky, so long as they’re shooting at me or I’m the one tying them up, at least I’m doing my job of keeping them off my allies.

It feels weird that trying to shoot the shooter elites with the shooter specialised at killing elites is feeling more and more like the wrong answer, but it risks devolving into a situation that takes more time to unpick where your allies just have to put up with it while you work.

But all those “guides” told me I should only equip 3x HP curios with +HP, +CDR and +Revive Speed.

Sorry, all the grenades got tossed on the 1st trash horde.

My brother in the emperors light that is actually awesome. I love spawns like these because I can kill/dmg farm. A few pointers:

  • A single fully charged void blast suppresses the entire pack. Makes for easy repositioning and/or deletion, if you’ve got good aim

  • A single kickback or rumbler shot either kills, staggers or suppresses the entire pack

  • 2 quick plasma blasts do the same, same as bolter

  • for infantry and autoguns you’ve got certain blessings that give you ranged immunity to mitigate either the approach or the time to kill

  • grenades

  • Zealot pressing f with chastise the wicked and converting all of those to melee

  • Zealot pressing f with his funny little cross

  • Zealot pressing f going invis and converting to melee

Hell there’s loads of options. The only reason you died there is because of absolutely abyssmal positioning.

Is stuff like this the reason people have been lamenting gunner spawns? I understand the occasional clown car shotgunner spawn around the corner that spawns 20-30 shotgunners in your face, but even those can be suppressed quickly by almost every character.
If you play a squishy glass cannon that’s on you for rushing.

This entire threads sounds like a giant “boo hoo I’m no longer steamrolling” fit.

You may now hate me for I have spoken truth.

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