Overcrowdedness of Gunners

Gunners as they were AND still are, are the enemy type that isnt the hardest to deal with it.
But outside of trappers shooting through entire horde to hit you, they remove the most interaction and fun from the game by far.

Why ? Because they are not a skill issue but luck issue and that is not fun.
Did several of them spawn - and cuz they are not specials they have NO sound ques - and decided to laser focus you down WHILE you are fighting a horde?
Well unless you have bubble/invisibility/IMMEDIATELY accessible cover = you loose entire toughness, THEN you loose all your toughness dmg reduction and a 270HP character is killed in 1,1 seconds.
GG thx very interactive.

Compared to other stuff my runs VERY rarerly end because of gunners BUT, seeing them is always a chore.
And even after the ‘force push’ stagger nerf they are unfun to play against -
What they need is extreme reduction of accuracy, especially at longer ranges (this is clearly visible with scab gunners who are pinpoint accurate through the longest of arenas)

OR just buff them even more, but turn them into a special with their own special sound ques and limit their spawning


And they spawn more than ever. The note saying they want to spawn less is either incorrect or there’s a bug somewhere. Having them both spawn more and have more health, especially for an unarmoured ranged unit, is way too overbearing.


Yea that too, having a good fun D5 run that is going well be ended in one room cuz 6 spawned ahead and another 6 spawned behind and before people register what is happening 2 are downed and other 2 are downed 2 seconds later.

Yes if we had bubble psyker or I played invis zealot instead charge zealot we would have dealt with it.
But if thats my entire point - needing to have X otherwise you probably die cuz AI director got gunner aneurism well, that just made me download V2 which after 300 hours of DT I can easily say IS the superior game.
Movement tech is = spam dodge slide otherwise toughness is gone
Hybrid combat is = mandatory shooting galleries where a melee centric character has to either perma dodge slide to not be killed. Or have mandatory ‘fun’ shooting the dozens of basic ranged trash. Or both.
Its fun for first couple times but I can easily gauge the fun of the run based on the ratio of melee:ranged enemy spawn.
If more ranged spawned - MUCH less fun since the core MELEE gameplay this entire saga is based around is not present.

You mean the long range dudes right?

Easy fix:

1.) Upon spotting a target, a group of gunners will cry out to their comrades alerting you audibly in the process as well.

2.) For the first three to four shots/seconds, accuracy is drastically reduced until they’ve zeroed in on you.


Yea that would work too. Removing their stagger was a good idea but they still are just concentrated cringe to deal with.
Either they are not an issue at all since Psyker bubbled or a crackpot veteran is removing everything.
Or you have a melee centric party which changes a won run into a ALTF4 and downloading V2


90% of any run i’ve seen fail within the first few minutes was because 20 gunners (not exaggerating there) simultaneously spawned in from three different locations. A room would go from full clear to full of gunners in a split second, absolutely surrounding you, so if you’re melee and decide to engage a pack, the other flanks would still be shooting at you, and if you’re engaging at range, the only choice you have is to try and get to a spot that removes a flank and take as many of them out as you can before the trash mobs arrive and surround you in melee.


Yop something like that happened. Iam happily removing heads in melee and before I know what happened 2 people are down and dozen+ dreg gunners (who are hard to see since they dont have bullet trails) removed any fun from the game, ended the run and with it my desire to play DT.
Until maybe next patch but that depends on the patch

Gunners have become more problematic lately, it seems. There might be more of them spawning, they might be more likely to all focus on one player rather than multiple.

Or it could be that now half the team is entering stealth every ten seconds, leaving the other two players to eat ALL the ranged.

Not sure. But I do think all the new ‘camo’ expert that is no longer even limited to one class, can seriously catch out and screw over the other players.


I think it’s due to the elite spawning changes that were supposed to affect melee elites and not ranged, but of course it’s borked.


That is possible too, which is also funny since outside bubble its the only way to give yourself any real chance to kill them.
Invis by itself isnt that big of a problem, but the gunners not needing to ‘set up’ and just laser focus one/two people is just such a trash way to loose a run.

wouldn’t be as much of an issue with vet invis if the damn smoke nades did anything

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Hm yeah I have noticed multiple gunners seemingly out of thin air, now that you mention it.


Enemies popping out of thin air is happening in plain sight to me quite often, especially with basic trash enemies.
And no - I dont mean there is a hole in the ground they crawl from, I mean literally spawning with that little hop as when you spawn in old counter strike.


It isn’t (or shouldn’t) be a secret that at current spawning is quite bugged.

Yes, there are too many gunners spawning.
Yes, there are also enemies spawning in plain sight, popping into existence in Tzeetchian fashion.

Enjoy it while it lasts. Once it’s fixed the game will be back to normal mode.


once it’s fixed? one can hope. It’s been happening in vermintide since its release too


Main things I’ve noticed is high int feels like it preferentially spawns them over other enemies way more than other modifiers. The last few high int runs I’ve done could have been titled “shooter, gunner and shotgunners spam” and it would have been a much more apt description than “high intensity”.


i don’t think they spawn in meaningfully higher numbers, i think they just have the blessing of being ranged units so they don’t have to close with you to inflict heavy damage so they can remain clumped up. you’re supposed to disrupt them with ranged fire (they’re stupid weak to suppression), so if you’ve got a melee-focused build you’ll end up having a hard time.

Skill-issued players should probably review their builds and ask if they’re built for competing or just damage numbers.

I just got back into the game again so i have not tested out the Auric stuff yet, but in my experience with normal damnation a lot of the issues with mass gunners is negated by positioning.

Sure its not always a surefire way to deal with them due to your current circumstance, but it does help a bit if you are aware of nearby corners and cover you can retreat to if a bunch of them spawn in.

If all things fail, i tend to find that yolo sliding into the cluster of ranged mobs is not really such a bad thing, or if you are on zealot or ogryn a charge is even better.

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charge zealot crit with revolver.
No other enemy ranged or melee, special or elite is the problem.

But once several (not 1,2 but 9+) gunners spawn. No sound que, nothing. And you are caught in the open when all of them laser focus you.
Outside of invisibility there is absolutely 0 play you can do.
Sliding is not possible because of the constant stagger, charge is also stopped cuz ofc why a CHARGE would be stagger immune.
You are just f-cked.

That isnt fun, that is diceroll difficulty


Kind of a nitpick but since you’ve already pointed to Zealot, TWBS still stops you being staggered by ranged at all so it does offer counter play without Stealth. Your charge won’t be interrupted either. One of many reasons I will force TWBS into every Zealot build, even if it means sacrificing until death and benediction.