Overcharge bug- spontaneous combustion

Issue Summary:

I was firing conflag balls left and right, killing rats, minding my own businnes.
Then, i instantly exploded, when my bar was nowhere near full meter.
Then,i got picked up and saw this.
Due to unforeseen chaos warpfuckery Sienna can get stuck in her overcharge animation.
Couldnt do anything until my ult charged back and reverted me into somewhat normal behavior.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Be sienna, conflag staff, fire at horde
  2. Spontaneously explode, without filling the overcharge bar
  3. Get picked up, be stuck in exploding animation (not sounds though)

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

Additional Information:

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You should add a console.log data since it seems to be a rare issue.

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Yeah this is one of those where a case of being able to reproduce the issue is super helpful. The initial circumstances of blowing up early is likely the cause but we’d need to be able to reproduce it to solve it.

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