Another place where bot gets stuck

Happened twice:

Bot stuck there and went Overcharged with no enemies around them, then blew up.

Then revived the Bot, and it moved away from the spot, we then had to drop down to the stairs again and the Bot got stuck in the same place and went Overcharge again.

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It’s weird that being stuck causes her to generate overcharge. What’s your UC bot’s ranged weapon? I’ve noticed that Sienna bot with Bolt Staff keeps charging the staff while moving, making her stay way behind the team which also might cause her to get stuck.

Also, not sure if related, but are you using the Abandon talent on UC bot? I’ve noticed that UC bot can’t use it properly. Even if she’s about to explode and Abandon makes the ult ready for activation, she will still explode and not use her ult (I always look at her ult bar as she explodes and it’s full). IMO, it’s better to use Natural Talent since it also affects overcharge generated by damage taken.

One time, my UC bot was about to explode, and Abandon triggered, consuming her health. The bot was able to drink a health potion(!). She healed but did not activate her ult, so she still exploded.

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Beam and Abadon, yeah.

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