Bots vs Gas Clouds, Gates, Halescourge and Sienna's Bolt Staff

I’d like to report yet another set of bugs in bots’ behaviour.

  1. Bots are having trouble finding path to ammo box at Righteous Stand arena event. In fact, they are so dedicated to it, that gas clouds from 5(!) globadiers can’t change their minds.
    Seems like getting ammo is more important than painful death from gas.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play Righteous Stand with bots.
  2. Get to the arena have your bots lacking some ammo.
  3. Come too close to the gate.
  4. Watch the bots.
  1. Bots act weird when Halescourge summons a storm. He teleport into the center of his arena, bots run towards him, he starts casting and they stop, not try to run away or continue the attack, just stop. Can it be that they react to storm a little bit too late?
    Steps to reproduce:
  1. Play Halescourge with bots.
  2. Get to the final boss fight.
  3. Wait for Halescourge to cast the vortex and watch the bots.
  1. Sienna with bolt staff can and will constantly charge heavy bolt attack aiming at various enemies in and not in line of sight. It’s such an old bug, that it might be considered a feature.
    Steps to reproduce:
    1)Give your Sienna bot bolt staff.
  1. Watch her falling behind the team.

Sienna bot can only use Beam staff effectively from my experience.

Conflag is the worst staff to give Sienna bot. She will have it out the entire game, constantly charging it and not using it, slowing her down tremendously and then getting killed …

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