Sienna bot with Bolt Staff keeps charging the staff while moving, making her stay way behind the team

On Sienna bot with Bolt Staff, I noticed that she will often keep the Bolt Staff charged (which will slow her movement speed), even if there are no enemies in shooting range.

This causes her to stay way behind me and the other bots and makes her a frequent victim of disabler specials. She charges her staff if there are ambient enemies in the vicinity even if she can’t or won’t hit them.

This issue does not happen with bot Drakefire Pistols Iron Breaker Bardin nor with Beam Staff Sienna. This issue is also described by Royale w/ Cheese in his guide, “How to optimize your gameplay with Bots”:

You can also use bolt which can oneshot all specials with full charge even on Cataclysm. But there is a huge downside: Bot will keep charging it even there is no valuable target, making Unchained Bot always fall behind the team.

I’ve noticed this back in July 2020. It is probably introduced by Patch 3.0 (Grail Knight patch, released June 23). I’ve tested with the Bot Improvements - Combat mod enabled and disabled, but the bot behavior remains the same.


Yes! Charges her staff while in gas, staying as long as possible too.

This bug has been here forever now. I’ve used Sienna with Bolt for a very long time.


Also is an issue with Conflagration staff.

Freaking Sienna bot always blinding me with charging up the big bright circle then stopping then repeating.

For an adept wizard, she sure has an issue with not knowing how to properly use a fire staff…

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