Bots not sticking w/ players

2 bots died, and instead of making any attempt to stick with me, Bardin dicks around and lags behind, getting himself killed. Almost caused a full wipe. This has become an increasingly common issue over the past few months. Pretty much every single map, there’s always at least one occasion where a bot (usually Sienna) will lag behind everyone else or go on some bizarre adventure off on their own and get themselves killed.

console-2023-09-14-13.36.14-9c86825d-03ad-4849-a38a-c4a3b26ff9de.log (6.6 MB)

Bots usually run after specials and don’t teleport to the player until the special is dead.

Note that there’s an old bug involving Sienna bot which will cause her to lag behind most of the time: