Option to choose which factions you fight

It would be nice to have the option to add the beastmen mixed the rats and what not, or have the option to just just fight the beastmen or rats alone on any level. It would give the game another little twist for more replayability.


I am generally sympathic to this, but I would personally say that some levels, Into the Nest, War Camp and Skittergate should be done with some fixed enemy factions.


I think Beastmen should be more common, but not de/selectable, otherwise Skaven-only becomes easy mode . I would like less faction-mixing so that different phases of the game have a different feel. Right now, things can feel pretty homogenous with beastmen + chaos + skaven specials all spawning at the same time. However, to do this properly Fatshark would have to give Beastmen a full complement of specials so that they aren’t dependent on other factions; however, they seem to have little appetite for this so I’m not gonna hold my breath.

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And that’s exactly why I would like the option. You prefer a more traditional style with the lore and all. I just want a little mix up added in because I like a variety of enemies to encounter. To each their own, that’s why the option appeals to me so everyone can have their own choice on how they play their campaigns.

In my opinion I think the option for the player to choose is best so we can all be satisfied with our own progress!

very good idea !

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