[Beastmen Patch] Faction Zoning

With the last Beta and now live Beastmen reduction has been implemented into a flat % drop and has left some players seeing no Beastmen at all or those with bad luck still has them dominating maps.

Perhaps it should be less complete RNG and be more deliberate or alternating in enemy spawns. Add more defined zones in maps so we have guaranteed variety of enemies. If dlc is owned should see every faction per map, if there are no faction restrictions. Could add meteor shards landing in older maps to lend more reason to Beastmen being in otherwise non-beasty areas.

Make maps have faction specific sections and non specific sections for other factions based on map / story / lore… as most maps have a loose story and faction that can become the majority. The only RNG here would be choosing the non-specific faction for the first zone then alternating through rest of the map… or creating set zones for each faction in each map similar to Old Haunts.


Act 1 - Mix
Righteous Stand - Mix
Convocation of Decay - Chaos/Skaven (Beastmen don’t like caves…unless you could modify map)
Hunger in Dark - Chaos/Skaven (Beastmen don’t like caves…unless you could modify map)

Act 2 - Majority Skaven Act
Into Nest - Skaven Only, could add other enemy at entrance similar to WarCamp

Act 3 - Majority Chaos Act
Festering Ground - (Skaven specific sections dug caves)
WarCamp - Chaos only, except camp entrance

Finale-Skittergate - Skaven/Chaos Only

Shadows Over Bogenhafen - Majority Chaos

Back to Ubersreik - Majority Skaven

Winds of Magic - Majority Beastmen

Curse of Drachenfels - as is race specific sections (especially well done in old haunts), could have Beastmen in rescue prisoner portion spilling over broken walls.

PS… some faction v faction clashing would be a fun sight too but likely to hard to implement like the tease in Winds of Magic where the rat ogre was slain by the beastmen.

No, just no. The magic of vermintide is how AI director is unpredictable

My worry too but still don’t know what will spawn, all enemy specials seem to spawn, ambushes, bosses and patrols now?

Trash will be more consistent and less random.

So you are completely fine with Into the Nest having Norsca enemies or Beastmen showing up? Despite it being a territory controlled by the Skaven?

Oh and I suppose you are also fine with Dark Omens having Beastmen borrow Skaven/Norsca specials in the later half of the map which should 100% be Beastmen but Fatshark is simply too lazy to fully flesh out a faction and instead mumble something about “horde based”.

How spectacularly amusing.

If you are going to chain together multiple environments for a map imo having said environments make sense for the types of enemies found within or nearby complements the actual lore behind said enemies. I mean… we can thank Game’s Workshop for being all high and mighty about the significance of lore and why we will most likely never see certain mods or a map editor but hey let’s just ignore that little tidbit of information shall we?

Imo if Beastmen are to be injected into old content the developers SHOULD have tweaked maps to justify them being there. Beastmen taking residence in the Barracks or arena of Righteous stand makes zero sense to me unless they had a huge reason for invading the area. Winds of Magic gives that reason to being the Meteor but they would only be interested in said meteor core and NOT some shard or meteor dust conveniently sprinkled around the old maps to justify their generally unwanted presence.

Without said Meteor and Dark Omens (lawl could’ve had 2 more maps about Beastmen…) the only reason Beastmen would be around is if the map was near a more natural setting, or if they were in a raiding mood in which case raiding a massive city just for kicks doesn’t make any sense. Bogenhafen they shouldn’t be anywhere at all whereas Skaven being rats could be found in a ton of different environments unless lore wise they wouldn’t be or if a faction was being highly territorial (beastmen killing that one rat ogre in Dark Omens FOR INSTANCE!).

I appreciate Curse of Drachenfels trying to highly the importance of faction presence and how Blood in the Darkness in how the map level design was made wouldn’t make sense to have Beastmen while Dark Omens you have a built up camp that makes their presence work despite the story behind said level being Skaven/Norsca kidnapping the villagers and not the Beastmen.

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FS always tries to make things work with the least effort. So if they decide to once again fiddle with this, it will either see some % increase or will be postponed to when the game has good actual health, in another 2 years or so…