Opinion Poll: how do you use the EMPIRE BOW?

Everyone knows that the Empire Longbow has three type of shot: light attack, shot charged and shoot charged heavy… but wich of these attacks do you use against bosses (monster, armor category 3)?

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I’m not telling you how.

But enought trolling:

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Typically I will go for the “just before zoom” shot while using my active skill to get a few more shots off.
Once that wears off I may go for more controlled fully zoomed shots, or continue with the “just before zoom” shots depending on the situation.

For me however, my main focus with Hunts is special and elite killing.
He can do pretty good damage to boss but I find after your first shot while using active and you are no longer invis you now have a boss charging you, so you cannot always use the full extent of your active skill. It also feels quite short in its duration.

Depends on how you build him:
40% power vs for either Skaven OR Chaos bosses
30% power vs Skaven AND Chaos bosses
30% power vs Skaven/armor/inf for SV and specials
40% power vs Chaos/armor for CW

That… Depends far too much on the situation to give a simple answer. If I’m far away and someone competent is dancing with the Boss, I can do with fully-zoomed headshots. If I’m closer and/or the Boss moves too fast to track effectively on full zoom, I go for the before-zoom shots or lightly charged ones. And at closer range, either while dancing with the Boss oneself or because of tight quarters, getting snapshots or a lot of arrows out is better. Also if for one reason or another (e. g. the Boss happens to be Chaos Spawn or just a bad angle) the Boss is hard to headshot, I’ll just go for bodyshots. I’d say the key is learning when to use each mode, when to stress accuracy over speed and vice versa.

I don’t understand if you just a causal troll or if you are mad 'cause I have ‘‘rejected’’ your opinion about a new difficulty… :rofl: but enought trolling, I’m joking… and I haven’t started a poll cause I would like to read opinions and ideas… not simple numbers under an option. I know that now an heavy charged shoot has more damage, but light attack has still more rate of fire and, as another user has written, it depends on the situation.

Uhm… with ‘‘just before zoom’’ do you intend a normal charged shoot? Because, if you want to get more shots using your active, you could use a light attack: a light attack, against bosses, does 22: a normal charged shoot does 28… but the light attack has more rate of fire and it gives you more mobility.
Instead a heavy charged shoots should still gives you a better damage per second… but you need to stay far from the boss.

I don’t understand the link between the poll and your builds… What do you mean?

I agree… for close combats light attacks (so just left mouse button) should give you more damage per second… while if you are in a ‘‘safe zone’’, heavy charged shoots are better (also if you hit the body).
Instead normal charged shoots, against bosses, are useless, because in comparison with light attacks they have only +6 damage… but lower rate of fire and mobility.

lol he’s trolling because everyone expects an actual poll selection box in a topic named ‘Opinion Poll’, but your first post doesn’t have one. you did phrase your question as a poll though =)


Aaaah, my number one hater… I missed you.

=) awww

i don’t hate you. i just like to reinforce the fact that different people have different playstyles!

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Here’s how I use the bow. I put the long woodeny bit in one hand and pull the string back with the other one while holding an arrow in the same hand. The resulting snap as the wooden bit straightens, stretches the string transferring the kinetic energy to the arrow, propelling it forwards.

I try to ensure the arrow is released at the medium-zoom prior to hitting max zoom to get the most out of power/speed/mobility ratio.

Sometimes it is more damage-dealing to fire arrows away like a Waystalker on Smack, and very rarely do I use full zoom as stopping in place on legend is a Bad Idea™



Yes, I agree, for this reason I prefer to read opinions and not just watch a poll.

Thanks for your message.

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i role play as a english longbowman from age of empires 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

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