Open Letter to our players

I see you’ve already played game of Fatshark before.

Despite everything, I still am! :clown_face:

Happy 1 year anniversary! :hugs:

I’m really glad you’ve adressed all of the given points of your open letter!

Oh wait… We neither got a more rewarding progression loop, better game stability & optimization nor did we get any real seasonal content.

Oh but we got the Xbox release and new cosmetics! So that’s something :slight_smile:

Edit: Ooops the anniversary is tomorrow :frowning: I guess that means bad luck to fatshark


Darktide was my first. If I’d known about this company beforehand, I would not have purchased this game.

It is kinda impressive that despite an entire year to fix things, they somehow have consistently failed to do so.


If its any consolation, they will eventually most likely fix things mostly properly somewhere down the line out of the blue.


Sooo… The anniversary is today! Let’s celebrate the first birthday of the Open Letter together with @FatsharkCatfish ! A whole year wasted!
Ah, it’s clear that Fatshark lives on another planet, where time (and respect towards their players) have a completely different meaning…


You gave me hope and then you crushed it…
I was sure they’ve penned new Open Letter but it was just you, you karking grave digger!

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Crushed like Fatshark’s promises.


Came back here to look at this letter and see how closely we’ve cleaved to statements made at this time.


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The same issues from Launch are still the same issues now, and it’s mind-boggling. Crafting and progression are still bleeding open sores on the face of the game, the RNG slot-machine fetish a C-suite or Dev manager is afflicted with is as entrenched as it ever was, and it’s clearly still not something FS seemingly wants to acknowledge or talk about in any way.


Lol yea except for saying this less than a month ago:

Slightly rewording a statement from months old copy-pasta doesn’t count.

We have learned a lot from our previous choices and gameplay surrounding crafting offered within the Vermintide series. For Darktide we wanted to take those lessons to expand and improve in such a way that crafting would become a central pillar of player progression, while giving more impact and agency to you, the player in your preferred playstyle.

The nature of randomization and repetitive actions sometimes seen within crafting is something that we are steering to avoid in the crafting system within Darktide. Meaningful choices will be made with strategy and goals behind them, as you set your eyes upon that perfect combination of melee and ranged weapons for your class.

Especially when you then proceed to miss the deadline you gave everyone for releasing news and updates, and especially a year and a half after release at this point.


So they did acknowledge it but it doesn’t count zzzzzz

A single line that’s almost word for word identical to what FS has said repeatedly said before, failed to live up to, and again fail to follow up on, it’s hard to see where it matters.

Unless you want to get real deep into some useless “well ackshually” and “technically correct”, but nothing of value was added to the conversation in any way.


Sure but they said they were gonna “overhaul” crafting before and all they did was give us Brunt’s and shuffle around the locks a little bit. They didn’t fix, or overhaul, anything.

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It remains to be seen what they’ll do with crafting through this new effort. But saying they refuse to acknowledge or talk about crafting/RNG in any way is just not true. We’ve been told it’s a focus of ongoing/upcoming development. We’ll see if what they cook up satisfies everyone.

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