One week after launch, Darktide has already fallen off the top 25 steamchart

The game has already bled 2/3 of its initial users already.

I know games bleed people as it goes on but this is insane.

I can barely get myself to log in myself due to the rotational RNG shop / missions. There is no purpose in beating damnation as there is no rewards for it and the only thing I get to look forward to is maybe a full crafting option in a few months.

By then, there will be a slew of other games (Game Awards were amazing) and I dont think ill be able to come back.

Im so disappointed in FatShark :frowning:


I experienced so many crashes, despite having the game run smoothly at 60+ fps with my computer on medium-high settings, that I dropped a negative review and uninstalled. Random, out of nowhere crashes too. Losing out on rewards cause a crash happened 1-2 minutes before the mission ended gets kinda stale fast, since you cannot reconnect fast enough.

Ain’t surprised the game’s bleeding players due to this.


I’ve been decently lucky with the crashes but am an absolute lucklet when it comes to this item RNG. I probably have the most hours on this board just from constant shop stalking, its not for lack of trying. Basically just sunk cost keeping me going at this point.

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I was an avid player. Reasons they lost me in order of importance -

  1. No scoreboard
  2. Game is too easy
  3. Unfinished crafting

Thats it fatshark. I could actually ignore 2 and 3 if there was a scoreboard but whats the point in playing anymore if i already beat every map and mission type on damnation and i cant compete with myself to try and do better every game.

Edit- i forgot to mention they lost a few of my vermintide 2 friends who played hardcore because of no scoreboard too. They played 1 game with me and just quit right away because they asked me where the stats were and i said they are not in the game.


Im waiting for them to tell us they didnt want scoreboards because they didnt want to promote a toxic environment when there isnt even a report button in this game…


Thats what they already said and there is plenty of toxic behavior in this game so their theory of no scoreboard = no toxicity is completely wrong. Really sad to see an awesome game like this ruined by awful design choices.


Yep. The gameplay is awesome, the music is awesome and the environment / art is incredible.

The sauce surrounding it is crap. Its pure Tencent / Mobile Game stuff that is based on pure FOMO RNG. But they still somehow messed up that implementation that Gacha games usually succeed at.


I’m loving it, but its early access, it simply wasn’t ready for release - I don’t think my friends have had a single round yet where at least one of us didn’t experience a bug or crash, and there are so many features missing at launch.

I mean, after you beat Damnation a few times what is there to do? You can minmax to beat Damnation more efficiently… oh wait, crafting won’t be fully in for another month and it will have randomass restrictions on rerolls and how much they cost.

I don’t know, I’m gonna play until my friends get sick of it, but I’m not feeling too positive about how many people will stick around even a couple months from now.

you can’t minmax because there is no crafting :smiley:
I have been rolling Curios for over two weeks (since crafting got introduced) and still can’t get a decent roll that’s anywhere near “min maxing”

That’s it, I’ve been talking about this for a while now. There’s no incentive AT ALL to keep playing it without a full crafting system and specially without a scoreboard. Plus the lack of QoL things that we had in VM2 and the huge amount of bugs and other features missing, is killing a big chunk of the player base already. One month from now, I think VM2 will have more players online than DT, which gives the right message. Hope the devs learn how to listen now.

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I honestly dont have much hopes when CMs stays stuff like this:

People seems displeased with that… its flying over their head that we are displeased at the FOMO RNG rotation stuff and yanking a crafting system at the last second and then only saying oops after all the backlash.

The fact FatShark cant even comprehend why the community is so mad is a very bad sign.


I refunded it in pre-beta and went and just paid for gamepass to play it.

I regret pre-ordering it.

I never pre-order anymore. I thought id give them a chance due to how much I liked the original beta and VT2.

Never again ill preorder. and never again ill spend money with anything fatshark has touched.


Solo queue into Damnation + high intensity.
Solo queue into lights out.
Solo queue into fog.
Create a temporary character and level them to 30. Once they are maxed out, delete the temporary character.

Someone hasnt experienced Vermintide 1 and 2, because not only am i not surprised, i already expected this to happen when they showed Darktide for the first time.

Uh, I’m gonna have to say no into that last one. But even then solo queue isn’t real until they add private lobbies where you can disable bots :stuck_out_tongue: otherwise I might

Shouldn’t you be happy? The entire player base seems to want it to fail for various perceived sights and this send to indicate it is… isn’t this what you all wanted?

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It’s also discouraging that they won’t say what they’re planning on doing to address the situation or if they’re even going to address it (“we’re looking into player concerns” is a huge nothing burger) at all.

No one wants the game to fail, they are actually in love with the gameplay and would love to interact with it. Except the game makes it an outright obstacle to do so. I mean there’s still numerous times a day where there isn’t even a Damnation/Heresy mission on the board. Why do they not want me to play.