My gaming friends abandoning the game enmasse

I have several friends in my gaming group, all were hyped before the release. Now, I’m the only one that has put in more than 20hrs and still continuing to play.

Everyone moved on to other games very quickly, some even refunding the game. I doubt most will even return to the game if it ever gets ‘fixed’, despite my nagging. Everyone has 100% lost interest after playing the ‘full release’.

Anyone else the last man standing in their gaming circle? How can this be a sustainable GaaS model?


Nah. One guy has dipped out for Valheim because new content and he’s waiting for the rest of the crafting system to go in.

The rest are still playing at least a few hours a week, or more.

yes the same, I had found people motivated to grind level 30, but the flagrant lack of maps, the impossibility of choosing missions, and all the anti-consumer moves of fatshark made them quickly deserted, me I stay because I would still like to believe in it but it is clear that I am losing hope day by day


I’m the last in my group too. I hop on to get my horde kill fix, but I only play one or two games a day right now. I wish there was more end game content to go for. Top tier cosmetics only available in T5 missions or something like that.

Had about 20 people i used to play VT2 with that started playing Darktide, most of them dropped the game for various game mechanic related reasons, there are only two guys left that still plays.

Quite unfortunate.

Same here, one only plays occasionaly his Vet after being dissapointed by the nerfed Psyker, the other has unistalled after 70 hours because only a couple of his Zealot weapons feel pleasant to play. Said he will come back in 6 months to see what content got added.

I have a bit of a reverse situation, I am waiting for cross-play.
Some of my friends are willing to give the game a go, but would prefer to try it out on GPass. Since I am on Steam and there are still fixes and missing content(crafting) coming out I asked them to hold off till 2023.

Don’t wanna burst your bubble but I doubt fatshark will manage to get that working. They never did with VT2. I doubt they’ll do it with Darktide, even if they promised it.


Just PC crossplay mind you, I believe they can :slight_smile:

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Yep. My hardcore vermintide players didnt give it more then 1 game when they realized there was no scoreboard. We need a scoreboard


i got ogryn to level 30 and zealot to 20. but after literally never having played a mission where I didn’t crash at least once (not an exaggeration, I have never not crashed in a mission) I’m just about done

ill keep checking the shop to see if there’s any weps worth holding onto until the crafting system DLC gets launched so I can spend my neet bucks and ptw. but atm I’m not going to play anymore missions

I was the last of my group. I now only come to the forums now and again to see if things have changed. Won’t play until this damn game starts to respect my time.


None still plays. And they all got btw 2k-3k+ hours on V2 with all dlcs. They got more disappointed than anything.

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I’m not the last man standing, but the other players have gone from 20/wk to…5hr/wk. In a week or two they will stop playing entirely.

The reason why is a dead horse: too much RNG, not enough end-game content, and no progression for making more powerful characters or interesting builds.


Two of us play any class for fun, another only hops on for contracts and won’t touch other classes due to silo’ing, another only bothers when he’s bored and reluctantly agrees to join us. Another no longer cares. As things are I expect them to probably drop off within the next two months.


most of my group has 4 lvl 30s and all 400+ gear but alot of us went back to DRG due to the better replay value.


I think I’m about to join your friends.

Mine already left, I don’t think I can bother any longer either since I can’t even find tier 3 games on a Friday night.

I have two friends who own the game but aren’t interested in playing. I can still enjoy a round occasionally and would play if my friends did but they don’t so I don’t. I had other friends interested in the game but I can’t recommend it to them in this state.

The good news is that there’s numerous people watching and waiting to come in if things get fixed.