On Overwatch (AGAIN)

I created an account here specifically for this.

Change this stupid luck based penance. I’ve been trying to do it for a week. I’ve decided it’s literally impossible and will not be playing again until it’s changed.

It’s so frustrating it has literally ruined the entire game for me. I don’t care how good anything else it, this one thing has destroyed any and all enjoyment of the rest of the game.

It must go. Instant fail conditions are lazy, stupid and incompetent. Whoever came up with this is a hateful psychopath and whoever approved it is actually insane.

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WAit until you get past that and onto the last one its even worse :slight_smile:


What if I told you, you can play the game and enjoy it without obsessively collecting the in-game “achievements”?

Ill let Morrow take this one…

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Not trying to insult you but if you are such a completionist, why not at least try putting some effort to figure out the ways to better your chance? namely a bit of searching on google or getting more familiar with the game mechanics. But I guess its all too hard so for your trouble:
-select camo perk
-select assassination maps
-select malice
-select low intensity
-select agripinaa braced autogun
my gf got this achievement last month on damnation low-intensity btw and vet is her 3rd played class. Now these selections of methods are actually immeasurably complex, to explain them is literally impossible. So I’m afraid you will have to figure out the reasons yourself.

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Everyone stop what you are doing one person playing this game is demanding something, don’t worry about the whole community and fixing the actual game just worry about this one persons demands.

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Great necro. Especially sinve the guy only visited the forum for two days, and the last time was the day after he created the account. :ok_hand: