Change overwatch penance

This is an unnecessarily difficult challenge that involves coordinating and alt + f4ing to close the game so that you can rejoin towards the end to complete with no melee damage taken. The bar set for this challenge is so UNECESSARILY HIGH that it is impossible to complete without cheating and circumventing the parameters of the challenge all together. PLEASE change this, to something more reasonable! If you type this challenge online, you will see numerous others complaining about the exact same issue and cheating their way into obtaining the challenge achievement.


Wanna know something more ABSURD regarding this penace?

I did it legitimately, i ran a full run withouth taking any HEALTH damage from both ranged and Meele. But i got jumped by a Hound that did some “Toughness Damage”…

It caused the penance to not get rewarded to me although i just did the challenge… I did it, i can legitimately say i did it and it’s possible. To not take ANY HEALTH DAMAGE.

However toughness damage from meele is also considered “Damage” it’s not just health damage it monitors.

So i can also say… Everyone who have this penace unlocked have definately not done it by doing the Intended challenge. Because its simply not possible.

So full reset fatshark- please.


I agree with these guys. This penance is absolutely absurd given the state of the game as it is now. Enemies can spawn behind you in empty rooms and cause damage to you at no fault of your own. Dogs and mutants make this penance near impossible.


Seems busted from conception along with Ogryn’s cohesion and Psyker’s soloing boss. We will have to wait around year and some once they are done with initial whale milking and go into life support mode, waited over a year on VT2 can do the same on DT, Fkshrk aint getting more moolah out of me after paying for full game.


you can’t alt+f4 it anymore, i managed to do it legit by having my team carry me on a low density mission in one of the desert areas and blocking 90% of the way through it

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My suggestion is quite simple akin to how they lowered gone bowling:
Allow the veteran able to take one wound of damage akin to one of zealots challenges. It allows leniency for the person doing the challenge as it teaches them the value of staying alert while teaching them positioning as well to a degree. But, keep it locked to malice


I’m actually trying to do this one. Even 100% accuracy with no bullet remaining on heresy penance seems easy aside. This penance should be something like “don’t take 1/4 of your health bar by melee damage”.

Playing an entire mission, 30 mn, without blinking an eye, hi on stress watching every corner, litteraly not helping your team because you are to afraid to take a single hit.

I like challenges… But right now this a sh*t load of stress !!


Wanna know why? When Hound leaps and push you aside( when targeting your ally), it deals 1 HP DAMAGE, even if you have 100% Toughness. Even Mutant don’t do this. Why it happens? No idea, like with most of other random things xd

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It is possible to do legitimately but it will probably come through luck/by accident more than anything else. That is how I got it. I ran a mission as usual, got to the end and up it popped. I didn’t expect to get it at all as I had filed it under “Might Get By Accident” along with other ones like Deadeye and Make Every Shot Count, which I am convinced I will never get, not even by accident.

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if you cant do it you cant have it , doesnt give you right to cheat and sully the effort of those that did earn it

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Naw man, your take on this is absurd. Many who did accomplish this did so by ALT + f4 and those who managed to accomplish it post patch either did so by dumb luck or at the cost of having their teammates autonomy to play the game at their own pace. This penance is egregious by challenge standards since the requisites for failure are so meniscal that a fly landing on your shoulder during a run would cause complete failure. Fat Shark needs to change this penance for the better.

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I finally managed to do it, I had a great squad (lucky was I). It still a squad penance, not a vet one.

One thing I notice : Toughness “wound” doesnt count. I took a few hit but didn’t lose health and it worked.

It would be better to highlight that it is only required “no damage on health” in the description cause its not clear.

I did manage it without the alt f4ing. But that was technically the second time I achieved it too. i don’t know how or why I didn’t get it the first time other than I had health curios equipped. I wanna say I’m proud I got it but I’d be lying if i didn’t say I just got lucky and was a useless team member for countless people.


well at least 2 more vets got it legit yesterday, while pugging on zeal helped a guy do it on of all maps the load the ammo one. he was hanging back and he did spend the finale at the exit but he wasnt useless and he asked nice and polite so imagine my surprise he made it through that map and did it. grats to him.

and last game of the day i had a break from my zeal hopped onto my vet and got it , wasnt actually trying for it, i mean dont usually try and get hit but i was trying out a fast reload revolver to see if it was practical (its not really) and so spent lot of time using the chansword , was pleasant surprise to see it roll past at the end.

Did not get hit by anything, then crashed to desktop in the middle of the mission. Logged back in and finished the mission without getting any damage again.

Did not get rewarded the Penance.

Me trying to do the penance, I have to say I was not the most helpful guy in the mission.

yep. i did it too by using Camo Expert to the max. Got through the whole round without taking a single hit from anything.
Then i got too close to a Monster or so…took some Purple-Damage. Challenge failed.

Lucky for me i guess, my Game legit crashed in the Boss Elevator. I joined back in when the Boss was already dead, saw the Endscreen. Got no Loot, but the Challenge popped up.

The only one i cheesed was the 100% Accuracy one. And even that was close because i got 2 shots back after the Boss fell. I fired two last rounds into a Horde when the Screen was already turning black…

As mentioned, Camo Expert is really really good when you know how to use it. I played several Diff4 Missions now where i was the only one not taking damage and still sniping all the Gunners. I have seen Hordes running past me just to whack my Psyker Friend. Yeah, he hates me…

But to be fair…Psyker and Zealot have some that are even worse…
Zealots 10 Minute run was already changed to 20, but Psykers Solo-Monster kill is still insane…

I have also gotten the Penace. I see a few of you have pinged me.

Did it on a low intensity bridge map. was super easy as long as you follow the side of the map and keep lookin around every now and then.

Braced autogun for when trouble hits helps alot.