On the topic of the penance system

Please stop patching the cheese strats for the penances and instead work on the penances so they’re cheesing them is not the only way for some people to get them.

On Overwatch and the Make every shot count penances are good examples, they set up a challenge that is a bit too grueling and inherently get in the way of playing the game, not only do you have to have a team able to even give you a shot at trying these but the scenarios to earn them are too bad to the point that a complete and utter rework are paramount.

As is the heavyweight champ one, upping it from 4 to 6 already made a difficult penance feel downright impossible.

Solution: Make every shot count be something akin to earning about an 80 to 90% overall accuracy allowing some leeway for missing shots while still providing a fair challenge to players.

As for the heavyweight champ simply lower it back to 4, getting that many targets in one place was a challenge as is.

Finally for on overwatch the penance needs an entire rework to change it from a challenge to not getting hit to simply not using a single melee weapon much in the same way as the veteran melee only challenge.

The playerbase has requested these changes numerous times, much to the point where it illicits great dissapointment in Fatshark still for trying to stop cheesing instead of adressing the core problems that lead to cheesing.

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