Penances need fixed

Yea so there are two penances for the sharpshooter that flat out need changed. On overwatch and and make every shot count are just stupid, thats the only word for it. Look I love this game but playing a match on malice with no melee damage taken is impossible if you don’t have the whole team actively guards you like a VIP and 90% accuracy with no ammo left is just not fair. The first challenge is just flat out unfair and the second is just stupid. If this was a single player shooter MAYBE 90% would be fair but I’ve done runs where 3 shots missed and still failed, the penance cause other players shot the same enemy I did and so I shot a corpse and failed. In a multiplayer shooter this penance just doesn’t work and has no fairness to it at all since you will fail repeatedly because of the agency of other players and not your own shortcomings. As for o melee damage on malice? This is a zombie horror game that’s just and idiot idea completely luck no amount of skill makes this possible unless you can talk your whole team into guarding you. Further on top of all of this these challenges are so buggy that basically everyone who has these done cheated to get them and I don’t blame them for doing. These need to be changed cause right now they are just unfair to the player.

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You do realize that you can guard against melee damage, right?

PS: The only issue with penances is with those that were so sideways to normal play that they got slapped with “private game only” tag. I wouldn’t mind at all to see those revised.

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I am more than aware of the blocking mechanic and unfortunately its basically useless most missions cause you get flanked multiple times ever level and you can only block one direction at a time. People I almost never see anyone use it either anyways because blocking a hoard means you’d never attack because you don’t have a chance to end your block without taking a hit immediately after. The only class that really gets any use out of it is and Ogrin if they have a shield. Not to mention if they’re private game only that means they aren’t even possible for me to get because I don’t have any friends so no one can help me and I only play pickup games.

Cheese the first by taking Malice difficulty and jumping off a cliff. Ask your teammates if they’re cool with it first and explain you shouldn’t be revived. Since Malice is easy mode at this point the 3 player squad should clear it without too much trouble.

The second, I think needs a private game now and the cheese was dependent on a bug so you’re on your own there. It’s no longer as punishing. Bring a plasma gun/revolver/shotgun and the melee vet build and resign yourself to melee-ing once you empty your ammo stash.

Are these terrible? Yes, they’re designed by the same anti-fun guy who built the crafting system imo.

More important than these is that all ability penances are broken and not yet fixed.


I have gotten zero melee damage several times without coordinating with people running PUB. Just need practice. Knowing the back stab sound helps a lot. Binding crouch/slide to a mouse button to be able to dodge slide also helps a lot.

Blocking is 360 degrees. You’re right though, you shouldn’t be blocking hordes, you’ll mainly be blocking if you hear the sound cue when a random Poxwalker is behind you. In most cases you want to rely on pushes and dodging. That penance isn’t too bad when you get the hang of it.

The Make Every Shot Count penance is more than doable, and I can say that because I have literally just done it. Last game I had as of typing this, I went in with a Stub Revolver and Power Sword (Mk VI for AoE goodness). The Stub Revolver is a good weapon to use as you get around 57 rounds total, so I could have 5 misses (I think I had 4 in the end). Just make sure you don’t have the Survivalist (ammunition) Aura on and no other Veterans in the group do, that you only shoot what you will 100% hit, and that once the ammunition is completely gone then switch to your melee weapon and don’t go back to the gun at all, no matter what.

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but there in lies the other problem of it too which is so many people glitched for it since I don’t know them and glitching is far easier I asume they’re lying when they have it and say they got it legit so it’s novelty is useless even for those who earned it fair if they did

If you’re comfortable running Heresy difficulty you won’t find it too difficult. If you’re not comfortable running Heresy, wait until you are and then give it a go. The revolver is great as it has good accuracy when aiming down the sights, good damage, and a low ammunition capacity. With some good fire discipline and carefully placed shots you can ditch the gun and just use melee quite quickly.

That was the first time I’d seriously considered trying it, because before changes to the penances it required 100% accuracy,* which I laughed at and then ignored it for months and months, basically since launch. I can see why you are suspect of my claims of “hey, I’ve just done it so you can too!” and I don’t have a recording of the mission to upload and share, but I would seriously recommend giving it a good try with revolver and a good melee weapon, with a melee build, without the ammo aura, and just go for it.

*The Wiki still has the old Penance requirement listed:

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