Frustrated with Penances, which is currently THE endgame

In addition to the penance issues already discussed (toxicity, so many things outside of your control), I’m getting frustrated at the effort to get them, only to have them not register. For the first time since I’ve begun playing, I finally had a mission where I did not take melee damage, and should have received “On Overwatch”. It did not register. The “Deadeye” penance or whatever it’s called that requires 5 weakspot kills on mobs while under the special effect, does not register. That one is easier to get by far, but it is still frustrating that it did not register.

I have been enjoying the gameplay, I really have. The soundtrack is absolutely amazing. The way the music changes during encounters is great. I have been able to look past the FPS drop as we went live, and have been willing to live without the crafting system.

All this being said though, what else is left if we cannot craft yet, and cannot get penances to register? I am enjoying the gameplay, but the penance issues are starting to really get under my skin…


I’m not playing the game until they change the penances, I’ve got no other reason to play tbh and I’m not griefing lobbies joining/leaving to get them.

This is game is very broken for sure.
Also, I have been reporting people refusing to play properly because they are doing penances.

I think the ‘Deadeye’ one is a little misleading, you have to get 5 weak spot kills in a row, I managed it the other day after thinking it was different. It gets way easier with the level 30 feat that makes all ranged enemies highlighted. ‘On Overwatch’ I got by accident, I d/ced near the end of a game, reconnected and didn’t get hit as we got into the evac and it gave me it.

how do you report people?

you can contact support and report people

I hope you understand, “not playing properly because they are doing penances” is not something support is going to do jackshit about.

Specially when they are playing the way the game is telling them to play.

i totally get what you mean, for example the “Make Every Shot Count” penance is one of the worst offenders. how am i expected to get a penance that A: requires 100% accuracy when thats highly irregular in the first place considering enemies more often than not will fall over and a follow up shot will just miss (especially on some full auto weapons) not to mention your teammates getting in the way, looking at you ogryn-bro’s

and B: the fact that every special enemy i kill returns ammo to me.

i have to be in this impossible balance of not having enough ammo and simultaniously risking another miss at all times. its ridiculous

this is especially egregious considering that all has to be done on the clusterfrag that is heresy difficulty. literally it is so much easier to just cheese it

i actually completed this ligit. it was tough, required me to keep my head on a swivel.

The ammo returned isn’t really an issue, you only get like 2-5 shots back depending on weapon. That being said, the 100% accuracy at HERESY difficulty is a bit much, 80-90% accuracy would make the challenge difficult but do but much more forgiving.

i’ve gotten both of these by playing normally, i don’t get it.

how the Hifl, even playing normally i know i miss shots and i will NEVER end with zero ammo.

Honestly, most of these unlocks should be tied to completing story milestones at various difficulties. Oh wait, the game doesn’t really have a story…^^

We discussed this within the group and everyone agreed that this penance system is bs. So there you go. I am sure we will try and help each other complete some of them, but others are just outright too ridiculous. I don’t know if many people will enjoy this, so why the hell put it in the game in the first place…

idk i was on ogryn and I got it randomly

i disagree on the ammo return not being a problem. it is absolutely an issue. consider the following. i spent all my ammo and i got all my shots to hit. im in the green say im doing an assassination mission. specials spawn during the fight, some i might not be aware of when im trying to do damage to the boss, or clear ads. in that moment the boss dies and i didnt notice i was given more ammo. and all the ads i was dealing with are thoroughly dead, and this isnt just limited to assassination mission, a lot of missions have this problem of trying to get me to focus on survival and when somebody in my team kills a special i get extra ammo that could force me to spend it and possibly miss again.

i agree with you that would be less of a problem if the accuracy requirement wasnt what it is, but right now it is absolutely a contributing factor into why its BS

oh yea…
Going Out With a Bang penance is want to tell you hi.

  • As the Psykinetic, kill 3 elites with a single Perils of the Warp on Malice difficulty or higher. *

do you know what kind of elites you can oneshoot with this?
some of the range units.
do you know what they do when you close?

runinig away.

this is just impossible to complete as solo player and so far i didnt found a single person on steam forums or throw chat that was happy to give me all the time to do it.

this kind penances clearly show how lazy this game was maded.
im not even be surpirsed if it will turn out that Psyker overcharge explotion should do like 150% more dmg or some stuff like that.