Veteran Penance: "Deadeye" not working

Issue Description:
Ive had some crashes which probably caused this bug back in the BETA. I thought it was because i was doing something wrong with trying to get the penance done. After many attempts and tests i can see the penance is still stuck at 2/5 in the Penance Section this dosent change no matter what i try to do. Is there a work around for this bug? - Ive scoured the forum to see if theres something similar and im 100% sure its a technical bug at this point.

ive tried with different Talents/Weapons etc. the Penance is just stuck.

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My Platform is STEAM.

Player ID:

Steam ID: 76561198020779037

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:

During the beta until now into Full release. Bug is still there.

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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console-2022-12-02-19.22.10-7484e12a-ef72-43ed-a211-81e9601f3ba0.log (162.9 KB)

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darktide_launcher.log (47.1 KB)

Same here, penance stuck at 2/5, have been this way for as long as i can remember.

Is this still unresolved?
I have been attempting to complete this penance, but am stuck at 4/5. I have definitely headshot well over 5 designated targets on multiple occasions. I should have passively achieved this by now, but it seems to not be working as intended. Other penances that track headshots appear to be recording as intended.

I did it last week
I used a shotgun and the feat that highlight gunners.

It was less difficult than “overwatch”. It took me one game session (3-4 hours)

So, I think it works as intented.

Before trying to do it, I was stuck at 4/5. But I had never really worked on completing it. Shotgun is, for me, the best weapon to use. Since this penance, I use more and more this gun. I really think that there’s a need of a little buff to be able to compete with the few weapons that are efficient (OP) in damnation (ammos is a problem with this gun).

I completed this Penance today, 5/5 with a MG XII Lasgun and the Sniper, Bio-Optic Targeting (gives you more highlighted targets) Counter-fire feats easily. I received the achievement and item received notifications but was disconnected from the game before I could complete the mission. It says I still received credit for completing the penance but the reward, Killshot’s Duty’s Uniform pants, isn’t appearing in my cosmetics collection. Anyone have this problem and know how to fix it?

Update: The cosmetic reward appeared in my collection 3 hours later after I logged out.

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