Olsgolon the Ogre [Ogre hero concept]

DISCLAIMER: What you’re about to bear witness to comes from the darkest, most depraved recesses of my mind - evidence of my steadily decreasing sanity and spiralling descent into madness, where I actually unironically think the idea of a big, smelly, pseudo-Mongolian brute is not only appealing, but genuinely sounds cool. Anything written here about this barely human being is thus a product of my own degeneracy as a barely human being. Viewer discretion, depression, and/or erection is advised.

Also, if not already painfully obvious, this post is mostly meant as a joke. Do not take anything written here dead seriously (an Ogre hero would be frickin sweet though).

Lore, if it even matters:

Olsgolon is an Ogre from the Mountains of Mourn (unsurprisingly), that lived under a cowardly chieftain. Though the Tyrant of his tribe was weaker, Olsgolon knew that if he challenged him, he wouldn’t face a fair fight. Instead, Olsgolon left the tribe to seek his fortune elsewhere, and journeyed west to the lands of the Old World…

Like most Ogres, he’s big, he’s T H I C C, he’s smelly, he’s not the brightest (though not terribly stupid either), he eats a lot, and he beats the fecal matter out of things, before eating them shortly afterwards (and then he eats the fecal matter as well for good measure).

As explained further down below, Olsgolon will, canonically, join the Ü5 around the same time that they manage to escape from Rasknitt (the Tutorial level) and get to Taal’s Horn Keep for the first time.

Reasons why I believe an Ogre is a decent choice:

  1. He’s distinguishable enough from the rest of the cast to stand out, though not too out of place. An Ogre is remarkable enough to be unique, but wouldn’t be an odd or even an out-right strange sight to see, given that Ogres are found almost anywhere in the world. Aesthetically, Ogres are just humans with humongous proportions.

  2. An Ogre, while a rowdy fella to be sure, wouldn’t be detrimental to the team, nor hated by anyone either. Ogres have been employed as mercenaries by every race (and I mean every race) in both the Old- as well as the New World, so he should get by relatively easy. Though this is all my own assumptions, this is how I imagine the party members would react to an Ogre joining the team:

  • Kruber would probably be the most willing to work with him. A big lug to smash more ratmen is always handy in a fight, and they’d talk about their combined contributions to the Empire (if for different reasons).

  • Bardin would most likely be the second most willing to work with him, already sharing a lot of the same personality as Kruber, though might take offense if the Ogre starts calling him a “stunty”.

  • Sienna would appreciate his displays of power and savagery as he mauls hordes of ratmen, but might be taken back a bit by his… sorely lacking charisma. Then again, Sienna gets along with most everyone, even Victor.

  • Saltzpyre might raise an eyebrow or two at his destructiveness and eating habits, but I doubt he’d be outright unwilling to work with him. He’s been forced to co-operate with a witch before, and still does to this day.

  • Kerillian would probably degrade his intelligence even more than she does the rest of the team, and they’d get along the least. Then again, Kerillian is the one who gets along least with everyone anyway.

  1. Though the basic Ogre mentality, combat strategem, and go-to solution for all problems basically boils down to “beat it in the head until it stops moving”, I still believe an Ogre would be able to provide some unique (and, hopefully, fun) mechanics to the game, which I will go into depth about below.


Maneater (Level 1 career, focused on large AoE damage to multiple targets).

(Yes, this is a Pirate Maneater, but I couldn’t find any image of an Empire Maneater that wasn’t a miniuature. Just imagine him in a Mercenary Kruber-esque outfit, massive codpiece included.)

Shortly after reaching the Old World, Olsgolon took up the occupation of Maneater, offering his mercenary services to the highest bidder. He soon found himself in the employment of wealthy nobles in the Empire, perfoming a wide range of jobs from personal bodyguard to soldier on the battlefield, and carved out a name for himself as an efficient - albeit a bit unpredictable asset. His latest job includes being hired by a former innkeeper-turned-guerilla fighter that has a small rat infestation that needs taking care of…

Health: 125.

Melee Weapons: Dual Axes, Two-handed Axe, Sword & Pistol (basically just a Kruber One-handed Sword with the pistol of Victor’s Rapier), Dual Swords, Two-handed Sword, Executioner’s Sword, Halberd.

Ranged Weapons: Handgun, Blunderbuss, Brace of Pistols.

Passive - Hunger: Olsgolon has a special Hunger meter (shown as an Overheat meter). Melee killing blows grant 1 Hunger from small enemies, 5 Hunger from medium enemies, 10 Hunger from large enemies, 20 Hunger from Monsters, and 10 Hunger from Critical Strikes, up to a total of 100 Hunger. Olsgolon gains 5% increased Power for every 20 Hunger. Upon reaching 100 Hunger, Olsgolon goes into a Rampage, gaining uninterruptable attacks but losing control of the character (basically, a bot will take over and the only directive it has is to charge into the nearest group of enemies and wreak havoc) for the next 10 seconds. Olsgolon cannot gain additional Hunger while in a Rampage, and any Hunger he would’ve gotten is instead converted into temporary health. If there are no enemies nearby, Olsgolon will start to attack his party members, but will only deal damage equal to 10% of what he normally deals. Olsgolon gradually loses 10 Hunger every second after having been out of combat for 5 seconds, but can also supress his urges by holding down the Reload button with a melee weapon out (similar to venting Heat).

Passive - Making Breakfast: Olsgolon has 5% increased Critical Strike Chance.

Passive - Feed me now!: Olsgolon has 5% increased Attack Speed.

Career Ability - Battle Shout (120 second cooldown): Olsgolon lets out a battle cry, expending all of his Hunger to increase the Power of himself and his party members by 5% for every 25 Hunger for the next 5 seconds. This ability is automatically activated upon reaching 100 Hunger without incurring the cooldown.

Level 5 Talents:

  1. Increases Maximum health by 20%.

  2. Increases Critical Strike Chance by 5%.

  3. Increases Healing effects by 25%.

Level 10 Talents:

  1. Critical Strikes causes your successful normal attacks to give you 5 Hunger and your successful charged attacks to give you 10 Hunger for the next 5 seconds.

  2. Taking damage causes you to gain 5 Hunger for every 10 damage taken in a single instance.

  3. Expending Hunger (either through supressing your urges or Battle Shout) gives you 5 temporary health for every 20 Hunger vented.

Level 15 Talents:

  1. Increases your Attack Speed during a Rampage by 20%.

  2. Reduces the duration of Rampage to 5 seconds.

  3. You no longer attack teammates during a Rampage, and it ends prematurely if there are no enemies nearby.

Level 20 Talents:

  1. Striking multiple enemies in one swing grants temporary health based on the number of targets hit. Max 5 enemies.

  2. Melee killing blows grants temporary health based on the health of the slain enemy.

  3. Healing yourself with a First Aid Kit or a Healing Draught also heals your nearby allies for 20% of their maximum health. Removes any wounds.

Level 25 Talents:

  1. Reduces the cooldown of Battle Shout by 25%.

  2. Battle Shout grants the same percentage of Power as damage reduction (up to a maximum of 25%).

  3. Battle Shout grants the same percentage of Power as Movement Speed (up to a maximum of 25%).

Hunter (Level 7 career, focused on high single-target damage from range).

During his time spent travelling westwards, Olsgolon had to make do with everything he could in the wilds. Hunting the great beasts of the Mountains of Mourn has shaped him into a force of nature, and with the threat of the Skaven and the Northlanders, Olsgolon decided he would put his hunting skills to good use, taking down the biggest quarrel the Ratmen can throw at him. Though a solitary individual, a hunter is never truly alone…

Health: 100.

Melee Weapons: Hunting Spear, Dual Axes, Two-handed Axe, One-handed Club, Dual Clubs, Two-handed Club.

Ranged Weapons: Longbow, Throwing Spears, Throwing Axes, Harpoon Gun.

Passive - Beast Master: Olsgolon is accompanied by one of the pets he domesticated during his time in the Mountains of Mourn. The pet has a percentage of Olsgolon’s maximum health and regenerates it slowly over time whilst out of combat (represented as an Overheat bar for Olsgolon). The pet also has a percentage of Olsgolon’s Power, and has a percentage of his movement speed. The pet automatically attacks on it’s own, but tagging an enemy causes the pet to focus them down. Using the command “Help!” will cause the pet to abandon its current task and come to you as fast as possible. The Pet gains damage reduction according to the difficulty: 20% for Recruit, 30% for Veteran, 40% for Champion, and 50% for Legend. Level 5 Talents changes Pet, but defaults to Snarler.

Passive - Monster Hunter: You and your pet deals 20% increased damage towards all non-man-sized enemies.

Passive - Predator and Prey: Tagging an enemy marks them as Hunted. You, your pet, and your allies gain an additional 20% increased movement speed towards Hunted enemies.

Active - Bestial Wrath (120 second cooldown): Olsgolon’s pet works itself up in a frenzy, doubling it’s damage output and becoming invulnerable for the next 5 seconds. Bestial Wrath cannot be activated if the Pet is currently dead.

Level 5 Talents:

  1. Snarler: Olsgolon is accompanied by a domesticated Sabretusk. Snarler has 50% of Kronk’s maximum health, has 100% of his Power, and has 200% of his movement speed and can climb terrain like Skaven can. If Snarler dies, he respawns in 60 seconds. Olsgolon also gains 10% Power, but reduces his Attack Speed by 5%.

  2. Rockhorn: Olsgolon is accompanied by a domesticated Rhinoxen. Rockhorn has 100% of Olsgolon’s maximum health, has 50% of his Power, and has 100% of his movement speed, though cannot climb terrain. If Rockhorn dies, he respawns in 60 seconds. Olsgolon also gains 25% maximum health.

  3. Talon: Olsgolon is accompanied by a domesticated Blood Vulture. Talon has 25% of Olsgolon’s maximum health, has 25% of his Power, but has 400% of his movement speed and can fly. If Talon dies, he respawns in 30 seconds. Olsgolon also gains 5% Attack Speed.

Level 10 Talents:

  1. Increases Reload Speed by 20%.

  2. Reduces Ranged Spread by 25%.

  3. Increases headshot damage multiplier by 50.0%.

Level 15 Talents:

  1. Your pet can now fetch items by tagging them, returning with it to the most eligible person on the team.

  2. Your pet can now revive teammates by tagging them. Your pet will automatically try to revive you if you’re downed.

  3. Bestial Wrath can now be activated while your pet is dead, and will instantly revive them if done so.

Level 20 Talents:

  1. Ranged critical strikes and headshots grant 2 temporary health. Critical headshots restores twice as much.

  2. Melee killing blows grants temporary health based on the health of the slain enemy.

  3. Healing yourself with a First Aid Kit or a Healing Draught also heals your nearby allies for 20% of their maximum health. Pets are healed for 100% of their maximum health. Removes any wounds.

Level 25 Talents:

  1. Reduces the cooldown of Bestial Wrath by 25%.

  2. Increases the duration of Bestial Wrath to 10 seconds.

  3. The effects of Bestial Wrath now also applies to yourself.

Irongut (Level 12 career, the “Tanky” one):

After securing himself a vicious streak by stemming the tide of ratmen, Olsgolon was named Irongut, even though it had been years since he was last part of a tribe, and the title was self-proclaimed. Nevertheless, Olsgolon outfitted himself with the best weaponry and armor he could find - equipment he never got under the leadership of the cowardly Tyrant. Who knows, maybe when this rat-business is all over, he’ll go back and kick the weakling out of the tribe. His tribe, that is…

Health: 150.

Melee Weapons: Two-handed Scimitar, One-handed Club, Two-handed Club, Dual Clubs, Dual Axes, Two-handed Axe, Two-handed Hammer.

Ranged Weapons: Handgun, Blunderbuss, Leadbelcher.

Passive - Gut Plate: Olsgolon has a shield by default, and can wield any weapon in addition to the shield. Additionally, Olsgolon can attack whilst blocking, but it costs him 1 Stamina for each light attack, and 2 Stamina for each charged attack. Olsgolon can shove by pressing the special attack button.

Passive - Go on 'den, take a swing: Olsgolon gains an extra stamina shield.

Passive - Got Guts?: Olsgolon takes 20% less damage.

Career Ability - Beat 'Em And Eat 'Em (30 - 120 second cooldown): Olsgolon chomps down in front of him, instantly killing any man-sized enemy and dealing a large chunk of damage to enemies larger. If the enemy dies from Beat 'Em And Eat 'Em, Olsgolon restores permanent health based on the enemy’s health, up to a maximum of 25 health. The cooldown of Beat 'Em And Eat 'Em will also be based on the health of the enemy, up to a maximum of 120 seconds.

Level 5 Talents:

  1. Increases effective block and push angle by 50%

  2. Increases maximum Health by 20%.

  3. Grants an extra stamina shield.

Level 10 Talents:

  1. Reviving party members grants them 50.0% damage reduction for 10 seconds.

  2. Gain uninterruptible attacks for 5 seconds after block is broken.

  3. Successful charged attacks grants 50.0% increased stamina regeneration for 2 seconds.

Level 15 Talents:

  1. Further increases the damage reduction of Got Guts? by 10%.

  2. Shoving no longer costs stamina.

  3. Shoving an enemy causes you to taunt them.

Level 20 Talents:

  1. Staggering an enemy with a melee attack grants temporary health. Health gained is based on the strength of the stagger.

  2. Striking multiple enemies in one swing grants temporary health based on the number of targets hit. Max 5 enemies.

  3. Healing yourself with a First Aid Kit or a Healing Draught also heals your nearby allies for 20% of their maximum health. Removes any wounds.

Level 25 Talents:

  1. Reduces the cooldown of Beat 'Em And Eat 'Em by 25%.

  2. Beat 'Em And Eat 'Em grants a 100.0% reduction to stamina cost for 5 seconds.

  3. Beat 'Em And Eat 'Em now affects all enemies in front of you. Health restored as well as the cooldown is based on the health of the enemies in total. Health restored threshold increased to 50 health, and cooldown threshold increased to 240 seconds.

That’s it, really. Just a big ol’ brute that goes around and beats the crap out of rats.

Forgetting what you just read might take up to 3 hours worth of flagellation. Sigmar provides.

If you, for whatever reason, have anything to add to this, please do so down below.

Have a not-terrible Rhyastag my countrymen. Deus Sigmar.


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