Ogryn beat minion with other minion

Ogryn strong. Ogryn should be able to pick up minion and beat other minion with em. What you other Ogryn think?


That’s some kind of coding that had to be made before game release.
Won’t happen bro.


Yeah it would have been way more useful than the box. I’d settle for being able to throw barrels though, feels wrong not being able to chuck a lit barrel as him.



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Smashing specialists/elites into hordes would have been a very fun ult.

Delete human-size enemy + AOE stagger.
I can totally picture it ^^

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Hopefully then a second Ogryn Class/Career whatever they call it, if thats how it will work, that can swing people around would be neat.


Me believe anything can be happen. Me hopes for this.

Probably too rigid coding to make that happen.

But I have an idea:

1.) Make “Bombs away” feat an intrinsic part of the grenade.

2.) Add “Strike!” As a new feat. A heavier grenade box that only releases bombs on carapace but barrels through any flak or lower armored enemies.

I actually like this idea a lot.

The ability to grab a poxwalker and use him as a club for maybe 3-5 CC swings? A lvl 30 feat that allows you to grab human sized elites or even throw them? Sign me up.

Would be perfect for a potential Bulwark class too(not to be confused with the shirtless shield enemy Ogryns), since they’re a more savage subclass of the Ogryns in lore/tabletop.

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Even better. Orgyn can use melee mobs as clubs. Pox busters, scab bombers, and flamers can be used as clubs with a chance to explode each hit or be smashed into the ground and thrown with a high chance of boom. Gunners again improvised club or used as a squeezable gun that shoots a random target(s).

Difficult to code? Very. Funny as heck. Yes.

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Bill like idea. Want to smash little nasties with other nasties.

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This is a very cool idea.
Not gonna happen.
The game you see is the final product.
I’m sorry.

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Anything possible friend

I don’t ogryn, but I fully support it. Especially if they can use trappers as a mallet against hounds. I would lay down covering fire just to let Mr. Ogryn do his thing.