Gameplay Idea for Ogryn!

I’d like for ogryns to not have grenades :slight_smile:

I want them to PICK UP BARRELS bwahahahaha

Instead of grenades let ogryns pick up barrels and throw them! They don’t explode on impact, they ignite the timer, or they just land and don’t ignite and someone has to ignite them.



This is a wonderful idea!!!

Just exchange the feat where it always ignites their grenades. Make all Ogri grenades ignite. Replace that feat with the “I no longer have grenades, but I can pickup Barrels and chuck them at will” feat :smiley:


love this idea.

I also have an idea for the ogryn.

This feat should actually work as advertised and apply bleed stacks to all enemies hit. Not just to the 3 guys that take direct damage from the hit (same goes for the bleed blessings on eviscerator, chain axe and chainsword).

Some of the ogryn weapons (like the power maul) should also get their heavy attacks buffed to damage more enemies (the cleave is fine imo, but almost none of the enemies hit, actually take damage).

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You can pick up and toss barrels in VT2, so why not here?


They don’t ignite, they release multiple grenades when you dome an elite. Very useful imho and as effective as a barrel would be

Seeing a barrel hurling in the air just to dome a Mauler or Reaper would be amazing. :rofl:

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If throwing the barrels would be difficult to balance, they could let us roll them on the ground to impact the first enemy/wall they contact. This would be hilarious and add some flavor to the Ogryn aspect of the game for sure :grin:

I can already see people complaining about being griefed by evil Donkey Kong shenanigans in pubs though :smiling_face_with_tear: We could always ask Fatshark to make barrels knock people down/flatten them, instead of throwing them to instant deaths. That way, it’s an issue of friendly fire and proximity scaling, rather than one bad action.

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