Ogryn and barrels

While playing as an ogryn, I feel like it’s a missed opportunity not being able to grab explosive barrels and fire bombs and being able to throw them.

They should be strong enough and it would give us a different gameplay mechanic to play with and a unique perk of having an ogryn in the party.

I’m only lv14 so far, so if a future perk adds this, then I’m sorry but haven’t seen this happen so far so I don’t think we can do this yet.

Seems like an easy thing to add and would add a fun element and interactivity to many areas. Might also grab/use most of the traps, like the hanging mines, or throwing those gas cylinders like a spear hehe.


Also shield should protect you from those barrel explosions pushing you around.

I think given how many explosive barrels there are that the intention was to stop forcing players to carry them into fights and for future spawns they knew were going to happen, as was the case in vermintide 2.

If they do give us the ability to pick up explosives it shouldn’t be limited to the Ogryn, or it becomes a necessary class for higher difficulties.

Agree, just thought about it and find your post. Will also help to solve situation when your team hapenned to defend near barrel and you can throw it away for safety.

I’d love the ability to throw them simply so I can stop allies blowing them up on me…

That would be really fun and useful.
No idea how difficult and intricate it would be to add this feature in their engine (+ obvious gameplay/balance testing).