Ogryn Grenade should always pop out smaller grenades on armored enemy hit

Title. Once you play with this, going to another build and not having it, especially in Diff 4+ feels really bad. It feels like this should be core functionality of the grenade. The damage scaling isn’t high enough that in Malice+ it would be all that OP?


it’s true as an ogryn player that throwing a amunition box like that feel kind poor / disappointing.
I can throw a rock and get the same feeling, what the point in using “grenade”…

this should be a core feature of the ogryn grenade as told up there. Maybe the damage of sub munition can be decreased, the capacity to slow / knock someone multiple ennemi is already a good feature.

as some comment i saw on reddit told : “Honestly I never use that. Why throw something that doesn’t blow up. I use the Blastoom Mk III Grenadier Gauntlet more than that lame crap.”


I mostly did this too, but that “lame crap” does more damage than a full magazine of grenades from the gauntlet. Also, dumping your grenades into a boss takes down something like 25-50% hp depending on difficulty. Multiple ogryns can wipe a boss within seconds.
It’s the special sniper and bossbeater ranged weapon of the Ogryn, because he doesn’t really get one that’s this precise and this high damage in his regular loadout. I think it’s one of the few actually good design elements in the game.


I implication of the grenade box is hilarious, and the fact that it doesn’t explode is a big part of that. As far as gameplay, it has very limited scope.


Yea, I would agree.

If you inspect the box, the ogryn will open and look inside, you see 6 grenades, some red, some green.

I would love for the Ogryn to have the choice of explosion or stun, or even BOTH.

The grenade needs to be buffed up and if the Ogryn picks up a grenade box he should only gets 1, that’s how strong I think they should feel.

I do wish the Grenade explosion Feat had 2 other options since the %50 +/- is too strong for me to ignore and the Bleed stack is silly, Im sure no one will miss that one.

I think the 2 other options could be something like the following:

Stunner Box
The box is full of stuns! this box becomes an area denial for double the duration and x3 AoE of a single zlot stun grenade (6 grenades worth of stun) BIG STUN BIGGER IS BETTER!

Explosive Box
Same as current Feat, 6 explosions

Mystery Box
Stun or Explosion, you don’t know until you Throw! (lets RNG decide)

The last thing I would change is that the box ALWAYS detonates, you hit wall? EXPLODE! you hit punie? EXPLODE! You hit teamate? heh EXPLODE!


I find myself almost never using my grenade boxes because I rarely need them. The only time I use them is on reapers that are laying down fire from a distance, and there’s too many enemies around to engage him. The grenade box comes in really clutch tool in these situations. The explosion perk is really powerful but giving it to him baseline would make him too strong.

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Would like to +1 this.

TBH, was meaning to make a thread on it.

  1. This shouldn’t be a feat, it should be a trait of the grenade box itself. Right now you either take ‘useful grenades’ or ‘bleed hit’ (or whatever that other one is) and bleed usually wins out if trying to move up in difficulty, which leaves us without (very) useful grenades.
  2. We should eventually be able to select our grenades, and when selecting ‘box’ it should always be cluster bomb. AND it should burst open on anything, not just heavy armor. Throw it at the floor and burst.
  3. One option for another ogryn grenade should be 'bowling ball." Which should be like this, but keep going and going and going. Like a round shot from a cannon.
  4. Another option should be 'giant mortar shell."


Hey, anyone else who agrees, if nothing else please comment +1 and like any posts you agree with. It’ll read out to Fat Shark community managers as ‘engagement’ and make this more likely to happen.

Could be funny to have a ricochet grenade that bounces off surfaces and kills everything in its path. Would be terrorizing for crowd clear if used well.

I’ve been watching activity on the forums drop for the past couple weeks and can’t help but empathize. People have said what they need to say and there’s nothing else to do but wait for Fatshark to make changes or catfight about what actually needs to be changed.


Lot of that I fear. It’s weird to me how many people are “Everything is FINE FINE FINE!”

But I don’t want to derail. I want Ogryn improvements.

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Ogryn grenade box should have a completely random impact effect.

  1. No Explosion
  2. Fragmentation Explosion
  3. Incendiary Explosion
  4. Stun Explosion
  5. Some Combination or All of the Above

And whatever other grenade style weapons they add in the game later for fun.


Me and every shield user will definitely be upset if they remove the bleed talent. Its a way to add a lot of damage to things.



That is all.

Only real use of grenade box (I found this being reposted on Facebook)


Bleeds are best-in-slot. Massacres Reapers and Bulwarks, ticks away as you stagger stuff, and adds up to 50% DR that persists even when bleeder is out of melee range (try it Psykoramarena ,this may only be UI bug).

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But it’s much easier to take a complete character kit, disassemble it and use it’s basic concepts as “Feats”. Way easier than actually coming up with new and interesting things. Especially when you’re in a hurry to release the game now, way before it’s even remotely ready.

Same goes for map modifiers… ran out of ideas? Worry not! Just use grims and tomes from VT2 as a “bonus” now instead of them being a native part of every map, allowing you to scale the difficulty up and improve your rewards… it makes TOO MUCH SENSE to have it that way honestly, for Fatshark.


Agreed. Really feel like both the bleeds and the grenade burst in slot 2 should be defaults, or at a minimum the grenade burst should be.

You shouldn’t have to give up ‘grenades that explode’ to get the bleeds when the bleeds synergize with the zealot, your own resistances, and so many other things.

The thought occurs, it may make thematic sense for regular lunch box grenades to also shatter into shrapnel by default and apply bleed stacks to everything in a small radius.

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