Ogryn Box of Grenades needs Cleave

The box of grenades is basically a Victor Bounty hunter shot with no cleave. for QoL, it should cleave and keep going instead of stopping on any little arm or leg of a basic pox walker or enemy.

The briar thorn javelin used to obliterate hordes with a spear cleaving through multiple models. This huge damage limited item should really keep going.


Yeah the grenade box needs a buff, that’s for sure., it pretty bad outside of “haha, funny meme video” type content.

Make the grenade box bowl over small enemies, stopping on specials. It’s damage is absolutely worthless on heresy+, alas.

I like the perk where it cracks open, but honestly, think that should be standard and not require a perk.

Would also like several options (picked before mission perhaps.) The box would be 1, a bowling ball or shot put (to do what you mention) would be 2, perhaps with a big single explosion, and lastly a mortar shell.

I actually found a box of the last grenades, but it wouldn’t let me throw them. Sadly.


I also think a great alternative to upgrade this ability is to let the ogryn drop it and re-supply grenades for the team.