Ogryn grenade back to 1 ammo - give 'Bombs Away!' as baseline

Ogryn grenade still feels underwhelming with 2 charges.

I suggest reverting back to 1 box (makes more sense as well when you pick up ONE greande box - you shoudnt get 2??)
BUT make the trait/perk ‘Bombs Away!’ default - also always make it explode regardless.
‘Bombs Away!’ is also pretty underwhelming - I don’t understand why it needs to only proc on armored enemys.


It’s one of those highly situational and ultimately useless perks. I agree with this, but I’m sure it’s a balance issue. With that said, I do like taking huge chunks of boss health bar with a well placed box.

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Its in a good spot I think, I would hate to lose one. The piercing on the box is also good, I’ve been able to hit 2 scab maulers with it for 2 OHKs quite regularly, or a mutant and whatever special was inside its rear with these weird spawns.

I think it would probably be too good with any more damage, though Beast could take a bit more from it since even a weakpoint hit with it there is lousy. Not like the decent reward of nailing a plague ogryn in the head with it.

Giving Ogryn such a useless throwable in the first place is a joke. Why anyone would bother using it for the small splash and redundant damage it does is beyond me. I never use it, and the only time I did was to get the penance. Otherwise, both weapons the Ogryn carries are infinitely better in whatever situation you’re in where you think “is this the place where this grenade is worth using?”. The answer 99% of the time is “no”.

I would even argue, like OP, that it should always be a cluster grenade. You only get one/two of them, which makes it highly situational. That feat could be removed and something better put in its place, like maybe something to mitigate ranged damage so Ogryn’s can actually tank and/or survive in harder difficulties.

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