Ogryn Feats and Blessings (Particuarly Adhesive Charge And Bombs away))

Adhesive Charge-

Adhesive charge is fun, but it is too little for taking up a whole blessing. It’s intended to be the monster slaying blessing, making sure you get the full blast damage instead of potentially losing out on some. But blaze away just simply has more use cases, wether you are spamming it into a horde, or monster slaying blaze away with shattering impact is just too much of a comfort pick to get off of.

So I have a simple suggestion to make it so more people will be willing to use it, just widen the use cases for this blessing. Even just extending it to stick to chaos ogryns and up would already make it a much better pick. Still not quite a specialist killer as that could quickly make it too strong, but it would pair well with the 50% damage versus ogryn’s for more build variety synergy.

Bombs Away-

This is for something else, a feat. but since we mentioned build variety. “Bombs away!” is also too situational, It’s something that if you just made this a feature with the grenade itself, it would add more depth to the grenade that effectively right now is only used to kill mutants, have some versitile use like the other classes. And you could replace it with a new blessing that would pair better with something else. Right now bombs away just kind of exists, it doesn’t add to anything else in his kit, it just feels like it’s something that should just be on ogryns kit. It would add a lot more skill expression to ogryn’s class.

Feel free to add to the discussion, by bringing forward something similar you noticed with other things regarding ogryn!


I just want to reinforce your proposals.

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I would like Adhesive Charge Blessing to stick to any Elite and Special, not just Monstrosities. Maybe make a Tier 3 and 4 version of it. Tier 3 sticks to Monstrosities and Specials, Tier 4 sticks to Monstrosities, Elites and Specials.

I am fine with it being a blessing, but i wouldn’t mind if the default behavior of the Grenade is to stick to monstrosities.

As for Bombs Away…

I would love for Ogryns to get 4 Grenades by default and Bombs away to half the grenade amount in exchange for the box opening. Maybe even change the Animation. Instead of throwing a Box of Grenades by Default have them throw a Magazine of the range weapon equiped. I think that would add a lot of flavor. I find the Ogryn has to few regular grenades and that this is because of the Bombs Away Talent.

I also feel the Bombs Away feat should give a similar Cohesion Effect as the Veteran’s Cohesion Grenade regeneration. That would broaden the appeal of the Feat i think… it also wouldn’t be more powerful than two Veterans in the Team running their grenade Regeneration.

Alternatively, why not make the Bombs Away Feat provide the Ogryn with the option to place down a Grenade Box from which the Team can pick grenades? Make it inaccessible for the Ogryn… trigger it via special attack button. Ogryn holds special attack and can place a grenade box down, much like an Ammo or Medkit. Its inaccessible for the Ogryn but one person on the team can pick it up like a grenade pack in the wild.

It could also just stick to EVERYTHING (enemies and environment).
Maybe at the cost of smaller blast radius.

That way it would be a change to how the weapon works.

You can no longer bounce the thing around a corner, but you will deal more damage if you hit the enemy properly.

Edit: More ideas.

  • spike grenades: grenades stick to enemies and deal increased dmg with their direct hit at the cost of the projectile exploding with a smaller blast radius (which makes well aimed shots better against tougher targets, but weakens the performance against hordes)


Yeah I wouldn’t mind more blessings with negatives, this would deffinently make it feel closer to a weapon conversion which I am also down for.

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