A passive-aggressive reminder that Dwarfs eat Trolls


Like they just eat them.

You know, those Trolls we fight against?


Dwarfs eat those.

And they’re not even trying to hide it.

They even have a word for it in Khazalid, kulgur, which Bardin talks about openly to the other teammates.

And nobody seems to care in the slightest.

Sienna, whom finds Trolls repulsive, is completely fine with Bardin eating Trolls.

Kerillian, whom always finds opportunity to complain or point out infallibilities about others, is completely fine with Bardin eating Trolls.

Saltzpyre, whom, much like other Witch Hunters, despises heresy more than anything else, is completely fine with Bardin eating Trolls.

If Empire State Troopers began to eat Trolls, they’d be lining up in the gallows. But Dwarfs? Nope, they’re fine. They were friends of Sigmar, were they not? They don’t need to be held to the same standards.


What the frick.


And your problem with that is exactly what?
I am pretty sure some troll parts are ingredients of the strength potion and maybe also of the healing pots.
So any of the Ubersreik Five consumes trolls.


I Think they just eat normal trolls and not the bile Trolls we get to fight in this game …
And you maby forget that dwarfs are another species they might be humanoid but still got another metabolism / stomach than humans and / or elfs . I Think this is just normal in the warhammer universe it dont mean salty or kerillian would eat troll. Like its just normal for us that in some parts of the world people eat stuff that looks disgusting to us, like insects or rotten eggs . I would never eat that stuff but hey as long as i dont get forced to eat this stuff i dont mind other people doing it .


First of all, this is a post in the Lounge with the “umgak” tag. I have no “problem” with this. It’s just something I found odd and pointed out.

Second of all, the U5 are not the ones brewing the potions, nor are they exactly what I would call alchemy experts. I highly doubt they are aware of what ingredients goes into the potions.


That doesn’t make the big difference. Normal Troll or Bile Troll, both are considered repulsive by the majority of “civilized” races in the world.

I’m not saying that Dwarfs are physically unable to eat and digest Troll, I’m just saying I doubt the other members of the U5 would pass it off as if it was nothing.

I doubt it’s common knowledge amongst both the humans and the elves that Dwarfs eat Trolls, and if it is, I would assume it’s something that’s looked down upon by the former two.

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People eat all kinds of stuff considered disgusting in the real world, too, and even if you don’t like it or want to eat it yourself you can get used to others eating it pretty easily. Cheese with maggots in it, chicken embryos, half-rotten fish, sheep’s innards stuffed in its stomach, food that looks like excrement, guinea pigs, scorpions… You name it, and it’s even vaguely edible, someone’s probably eaten it. I think the rest of U5 is just worldly enough to know about it beforehand and not mind (or in Markus’s case, just plain don’t care; he’s used to soldier slop, anyway). Actually, I think it’s Kerillian who even jokes about it occasionally…


I think it does matter if bile troll or regular troll, cause bile troll are unlike normal trolls infest and corrupted by nurgle and his decay . And this is not like eating a regular rotten fish. Even if this example fits kinda best here.
Edit: and yes im aware of this is umgak :+1:

I’ve been saying it for ages,

Elves > dwari

Filthy, dirty, cave dwelling midgets.



I’m not saying they wouldn’t be able to accept the fact over time, I’m just saying they should have more of a reaction to it initially than just dead silence (in my opinion, that is).

If someone in the real world began talking about eating bull testicles or something, I’m certain most of the people around them would at least address it, rather than just ignore it as the U5 are doing.

Like I said to Toastklotzi, I don’t think this is common knowledge among the other races. Dwarfs tend to keep their customs and traditions secret from others, and some don’t even speak their language in front of others because they don’t find them worthy to hear it.

Bardin is a notable exception, considering that something or someone is keeping him from returning to his hold, and that the U5 are his “kin” now, which is why he’s more open about his language and customs.

Troll eating, being one of them.

I recall Sienna mentioning that Bardin ate Lohner’s donkey during A Quiet Drink, but I don’t recall Kerillian mentioning that which you’re referring to. She, being a Wood Elf, is most likely the one on the team that’s least probable to have knowledge on this subject.


Food doesn’t have to be rotten to be considered disgusting.

There’s a reason Troll meat isn’t exactly condoned in the Empire.

And I wasn’t saying this post was umgak to you, it was more to Ricordis.



At least Dwarfs CAN eat Trolls.

Unlike the beta elves, who’d throw up the moment someone even mentions them.

I feel like I need to emphasize this again, but it’s not that I have a problem with Dwarfs eating Trolls. I’m just saying the way the U5 reacts to Bardin mentioning this just feels off.


I used to think Dwarves were just boring, but then I read The Great Betrayal; it was the Dwarves who literally wanted to exterminate the Elves prior to there even being trouble between them. :open_mouth:

It gets even weirder with Trolls, because I’m pretty sure that they eat Dwarves! It’s not often you see a group eating something that eats them . . .

Dwarfs wanted to exterminate the Elves? What?

I don’t recall this being stated anywhere. I’m fairly certain the Dwarfs and the were friends and were trading with each other. It even says so in the description of that very same book you’re mentioning on the Black Library site.

And this should almost be common knowledge, but Trolls, not unlike Ogres, eat everything they come across, not just Dwarfs. Humans, Elves, Pigs, Cows, Horses, etc. etc.

There’s even a specific breed of Trolls that eat rocks and metal.

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Then again, I doubt the events in this game are the first time Bardin’s favourite food has come up. It might’ve raised a few comments the first time (when drunkenly chatting, for example, or Bardin getting his hands on a piece of Troll steak in one dwarven tavern or another), but now it’s just “one of those things” Bardin does.

It certainly would be amusing if we did get a few more reactions, though.


I did not said it need to be rotten i just pointed out that the rotten fish example he mentionted would fit kinda best here with the bile trolls .
I get what you mean but like Yzneftamz said maby the U5 just got used to it cause they know bardin for some time now or are just worldy enought to dont mind this kind of stuff .
And yes maby the dwarfs got many secrets but maby eating trolls is not one of it and its well known at the end Times at least the dwarfs and other species lived for thousands of years next to each other at this point.

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I’m glad you’ve been exploring the Warhammer universe! Great lore… scary lore. Lots of death and betrayal. I highly recommend the tales of the High Elves, their ongoing spat with the Dark Elves, and how that came to be; that conflict alone spans the majority of the Fantasy timeline. It really puts things in perspective for exactly how fooked the rest of the world is for the End-Times!

But, to be entirely honest, @Yzneftamz nails it on the head when he says that humans eat super weird stuff. We’ve eaten lion, bear, and gorilla… all of those things have also eaten us, so I’m not sure why you would be super-duper surprised by Dwarfs and trolls eating one another.

You seen escargot? Heck, man, people eat crazy stuff. Squid is a delicacy in many places… you know what else has tentacles? Chaos Spawn… I’m just saying that we try to eat every part of every thing that we can. It’s how people survive; if we didn’t we would’ve never made it past the stone age!

Where I live this is super normal. They’re called Rocky Mountain Oysters (Mid-West America) and we have eating contests for it. So… case and point.

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My point was really just that “eating something that eats you is kinda weird”.

Spoiler Warning for The Great Betrayal to follow

In the book, the Dwarf Prince Snorri wants a war with the Elves from the very beginning. He literally tries to murder an Elven Prince (who was, at the time, offering him a ride on his dragon very politely) in the first few chapters. Later in the story, it is revealed flat out that the whole reason he wants a war (and he is the one who actually strikes first; before the Dwarven diplomat even arrives at Ulthuan, Snorri has razed an Elven settlement) is because he just wants to kill elves. It’s a major moment in the story. And while a fair few of the Elves had really bad views of Dwarves, they still bend over backwards to try and keep the peace, and don’t actually do anything hostile until their settlements are attacked.

It even makes the Phoenix King’s actions in shaving the diplomats seem . . . kinda not so bad, because he has heard about the razed city and is rightfully pissed that the Dwarves are demanding compensation for a few dozen deaths (and they have been informed that it’s the Druchii who did it) when they’ve just killed hundreds or thousands of Asur. That’s besides the random murders that bands of Rangers have started doing against Elven traders in unsanctioned tit-for-tat attacks.

The weirdest thing is that the book still treats Snorri like a heroic character, and that the whole war was an unavoidable tragedy, despite the fact it was pretty much Snorri who caused it. He is arguably more responsible for the war than even Malekith.

EDIT: It could be chalked up to this novel just being bad, because it does kinda go against the story told in the tabletop rulesbooks. I’m not sure which is considered more official.

This is what happens to fat sharks if they are too slow and get cought by their natural enemy, Icelanders!

Hákarl is a national dish of Iceland.
It’s rotten shark meat!

En Guäte!


So you want to rant about the fact the non-dwarfs don’t rant enough about the dwarven eating habits and recipes?

The only people I know doing that are militant vegans trying to annoy me everytime I eat something.
Let people eat, what they want.
I never would eat a dog or a monkey but somewhere the people do.

Dawg. I really do not understand the problem.

I’ve already said this twice, but it seems I must emphasize this once more:

I. Do not. Have a problem. With Dwarfs. Eating Trolls.

I really don’t.

It’s a fictional race in a fictional setting who’s consuming another fictional race.

This has no impact on me, as a person, whatsoever.

In fact, I found it funny.

So funny, in fact, that I made a post about it on an online forum because I wanted to share it with others, but apparently it has to be turned into a bad thing.

Apparently, it’s not a fun lore fact that is to be shared with others. It’s apparently some kind of propaganda attempt to control what people can or cannot eat.

This isn’t about “being a militant vegan” or “ranting about ranting”. It’s a satirical shitepost about the social interaction between characters in a damn video game, but apparently that’s not a topic that is up for discussion.

The problem is not Dwarfs eating Trolls. The problem is not that I want Dwarfs to stop eating Trolls. The problem is not that I want the other members on the team to tell Bardin to stop eating Trolls.

The only problem is that I find the U5’s reaction to Bardin talking about this lackluster.

That’s it. That’s really all it is. And I merely wanted to talk about it here on the forums with others. It was never in my intention to push this topic unto the real world.

I’m sorry if you’ve previously had bad experiences with people telling you what to eat, but I do not see why that has to extend to everytime somebody talks about unorthodox eating habits at all, especially when it concerns a damn video game.

I mean, my favourite race in Warhammer is Ogres for crying out loud. Those fellas eat everything.


Well I wonder too what happens to fat sharks in Warhammer and if Megalodons even exist there because if not one tavern has a very strange name in the fortress city of Helmgart.



I’ve known about the Warhammer lore for a long time, it’s not just something I’ve been getting into now.

The Elves suck dragon pee pee and can basically just be summed up as “I want to be the ki-” “NO I WANT TO BE THE KING” and then they have a big battle and now they hate each other.

That’s silly. I much prefer my big Ogre bois. No politics, no intrigue, no deception, no subterfuge, only big dudes with hella munchies.

Unrelated to the lore, again, this post was never supposed to be about the eating habits of people in real life. I’m fully aware that some people eat things that most others would not get within 5 feet of. This is not new knowledge to me, and the fact that Dwarfs eats Trolls (and vice versa) doesn’t come as a “surprise” to me either. I merely wanted to point out what I believe to be a rather lackluster reaction to that fact from the other U5.

On a side note, those Rocky Mountain Oysters don’t actually look that bad. At least not once they’ve been cooked.


I’m still failing to recall this supposed “racial hatred” that Snorri was supposed to have had for the Elves prior to the war. I can find no mention of this on the wikia.

Are you sure you aren’t mixing him up with Gotrek Starbreaker, his successor and the one who actually instigates the War of the Beard?


I appreciate the rotten shark meat fact. I didn’t know about that.

Due to there being no Iceland equivalent in Warhammer, I doubt “Hákarl” is something that exists in it.

Megalodons do exist, at least according to the wikia. I would assume they have some sort of connection to the Shark God, Stromfels.

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It’s not on the wiki, as I said - it’s in the actual novel The Great Betrayal. I literally just read it, and I have it here before me.

Gotrek Starbreaker was Snorri’s father, not his son - I’m talking about Prince Snorri Halfhand, who was never king.

Some quotes from the book:
(Morgrim speaking to Snorr)
Snorri stood up too. ‘It is reckless to do nothing, cousin. The elgi have enjoyed our understanding and flouted our hospitality for too long. We must show them who the true lords of the Old World are. My father will declare war. What other choice does he have?’
‘And if he doesn’t?’
Snorri’s eyes were hard as granite. A harsh wind tossed the curls of his beard, making him appear even more belligerent.
‘Then I shall declare it for him.’
-Nick Kyme. The Great Betrayal (Kindle Locations 5830-5836). Black Library.

(Priestess of Valaya to Snorri)
‘Then don’t be so pig-headed, you stubborn, obstinate fool. Look beyond your own selfishness and see what this will mean. If you make war on the elgi, you will invite devastation on us all and estrange your father into the bargain. Is that what you want? Is that why you are here?’
‘It’s my destiny.’
‘To kill wantonly to satisfy your need to be honoured by your father? Do you think he will clap you on the back and tell you how proud he is of you for defying his will? He will not respect you for this. He will despise you for it. So will I,’ she whispered.
Snorri had no answer. In his heart, he thought what he was doing was right. Some small part of him knew it was to serve selfish needs, but he assuaged that guilt with the certain conviction that he was acting on behalf of the greater good. Confronted by the hard truths from Elmendrin, he wasn’t so sure.
-Nick Kyme. The Great Betrayal (Kindle Locations 6425-6428). Black Library.

‘It will do no good,’ said the prince. ‘None of this will. I meant what I said, war will come. Dawi and elgi are too different, it’s only a matter of time before we start killing each other for real.’
-Nick Kyme. The Great Betrayal (Kindle Locations 6455-6457). Black Library.

(Morgrim to Snorri)
‘You want to kill the elgi, don’t you? It’s like you hate them, Snorri, and don’t care what you have to do to vent the anger that comes with it.’
Again, Snorri fell to silence.
-Nick Kyme. The Great Betrayal (Kindle Locations 8719-8720). Black Library.

(Morgrim and Snorri are offered a ride by an Asur ambassador, notably this is prior even to any Druchii attacks being known of, so they are purely allies at this point).
‘Hail, dwarfs of Everpeak,’ he said, using rudimentary Khazalid and referring to Karaz-a-Karak by its common name.

‘State your business, elfling,’ Snorri demanded.

‘I am Imladrik of Caledor, Master of Dragons and Prince of Ulthuan, Lord of Oeragor. I bear you no ill-intent, lord dwarfs.’
Despite the offer of peace, Snorri was pugnacious. ‘Dragon master, eh? I slay dragons, elfling.’
Imladrik raised a gauntleted hand. The knuckles were fashioned as scales, the fingertips like talons.
‘I am an ally to you. I mean no harm,’ he assured them.
‘Be calm,’ Morgrim hissed to his cousin through clenched teeth, looking sidelong at the creature drooling sulphur and smoke.
Snorri hissed back, ‘I won’t be cowed by this elgi and his beast!’
‘No, but you may be eaten, cousin!’
‘A lot of titles for an elgi,’ Snorri scoffed. ‘I’m surprised you can remember them all. And you should be more concerned about who wants to harm who, elfling.’

‘I am Prince Snorri Lunngrin of Karaz-a-Karak, heir to the dwarf kingdom. You are upon my sovereign soil, elgi.’
Imladrik bowed, betraying no hint of reaction to the goading Snorri was attempting.
‘I meant no offence, my lords. Through the storm, I saw travellers on the road. Once I realised you were dwarfs, I decided to descend and see if I could offer you a ride. It is a long way back to Everpeak, and since it is where I am bound…’

Morgrim turned to his cousin and whispered, ‘I have never ridden on the back of a dragon.’
‘With good reason.’ Snorri looked askance at the beast. ‘They are fell and dangerous creatures. Not to be trusted, much like their masters.’
Elves were possessed of incredible hearing and Imladrik had heard every word exchanged between the dwarf nobles, but if he thought anything of it he did not show it. He merely smiled impassively and waited for them to make their decision.
-Nick Kyme. The Great Betrayal (Kindle Locations 2171-2176). Black Library.

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