Thought on an Ogre character

I was thinking, about future characters (if any) FS could put in this game. And the most game changing would be an Ogre.

Just imagine yourself playing as an Ogre.

Assassin could not put you down, and you could not be taken by any packmaster. You would be a real challenge for any boss, and those CW would think two times before rushing you lol

However, playing as an Ogre should bring a special difficulty to the game. Like 3 times more Stormvermins, more bosses, etc. so, you could play an ogre on any difficulty, but even if you play as recruit, the game should be harder, in order to balance the fact you’ve an Ogre. And playing in Legend would be a real nightmare.

Don’t have think that much to any classes or ability, because we might never see an ogre in game, but the mercenary would be the first. Then, an ogre wizard (forgot their name) would be something very interesting too.

Your thoughts on that ?



While I love Ogre maneater mercs, I don’t really know how they’d work in Vermintide as a playable class. You’d be so massive…

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