(OLD) KNOWN ISSUE: internal_error / Error Code: 2007

Experimental build solved error 2007 for me. Been able to play 3 missions in a row without any hitch.

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Hello Fatshark

Great game! Having a lot of fun, except that I get dc-ed every 5 minutes, with an error code 2007. I can reconnect no issues, but it is really annoying, especially with the somewhat long load times.

I play in southeast asia, not sure if the servers here aren’t stable yet, but hope you guys can look into the issue.


I have the same problem since sunday, crash every 4,5 min. I tryed to change my video settings but no issues…

Tried again today with the experimental build, didn’t solve the issue for me at all.

console-2022-11-28-20.09.43-830b918b-f054-49b9-9e54-b605c78d65d2.log (55.0 KB)

11/28 Another 2007 while fighting a Bulwark
console-2022-11-28-20.26.29-c8815dc0-9b31-4cbf-b8d6-c8fd7b52e5b6.log (130.0 KB)

Experimental build did the trick - i played a mission. And the crashed when receiving rewards… OMG how disappointing this who;e experience is

Thanks Fatshark devs! Experimental branch finally solved internal_error / error 2007 for me. Played 1 mission without any connection related problems (previously I was stuck at character selection screen). It also crashed on rewards screen, but that is a problem for another thread I guess

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everyone thanking fatshark for “fixing” the issue after playing 1 whole game should play more, I played through 2 games with the experimental build without issues except for end of game crash. Now I’m constantly getting error 2007 again, when in hub or mid game. Still unplayable.

The Experimental build did work for a good amount of hours at least 5 hours with no issues. I also had all my graphics settings turned down as well and threads at 1. logged of for a couple hours then. Now its not working and back to disconnecting every 5 to 10 min

Well, still nothing worked for me…

New update, same issue. When is this getting fixed? Is there even any plan to? It’s absolutely ridiculous, even for a beta, to not be able to play the game.

Played about 3 hours just now on experimental build. Had 1 CTD and 3 disconnects, a few weird desync type things in game where things floated around, then I regained control, but overall I’m very happy. Gone from not being able to login at all to having 3 hours gameplay.

So far so good. I just logged in and was able to walk around without being disconnected. Big improvement. I usually have to use a VPN.


The fix mostly worked. I only get the error once a match, rather then 100% of the time and never being able to actually play the game. So still needs work but a huge improvement. Great work guys!

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Still cant get past character selection without error 2007 on the new experimental build.

Experimental solved the disconnect. Now I just crash instead of loading into a mission. Crash log below: GUID: 7c7f79d5-a6e5-43c6-b45c-fd77aaf1b2c1
Log File:
Info Type:

sory whats experimental build??

Just stopping by after work to check progress. I know your experimental build worked for some but not all. Unfortunately My sis and I are among the ones it didnt work for. i posted logs in an earlier comment.

Still hoping for a fix. Hope you dont abandon those who it hasnt worked for.

Works for me with no crashes at all, thankers, now I can refund my vpn.

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Third build fix my 2007 issue! now i can play without VPN! was in game 2 hours - all ok! ty FS!!!