OK, we've got this Quickplay delay (not so quick!) figured out now. Here's what you need to do, Fatshark

So V2 uses Steamworks for its matchmaking. The Near/Medium/Far/World ranges in the Lobby Browser are managed by Steamworks, and are judged by the Download Region you have selected in your Download Settings in Steam.

So, for example, if your Download Region in Steam is set to US-Phoenix, then when you hit Quickplay, it will first try to match you to a “Near” Lobby, which means another lobby from a player who has the US-Phoenix setting in Steam (whether they are actually IN Phoenix is irrelevant, all that matters is that they have this setting). The “Near” distance is ONLY other games in the same Region as you have set in Steam.

If there are no open lobbies in US-Phoenix, or whatever your region is, then the search will expand to “Medium”, which has Steam return lobbies in “Nearby Regions”.

These “Nearby Regions” are defined by Steam relative to each Region from which a search is made. So, for US-Phoenix, Steam may define as “nearby regions” US-Houston and US-LosAngeles and maybe some others, lobbies it returns when searching for “Medium”. While Germany-Munich may recognize all the other Germany regions and maybe some others in Europe too as all counting as “nearby regions”. (Again, it only checks to see whether the player has their Steam Download Setting set to this region, not whether they are actually physically present in this region)

If there are no open lobbies in “Medium”/“Nearby Regions”, then Quickplay gives up searching and forces you to host. There may be loads of open lobbies in “Far/World” that wouldn’t give you any lag, but Quickplay won’t connect you to them, since it doesn’t search that far.

Players in regions with many “nearby regions”, like Germany, may have no problems with Quickplay. But for other players, Quickplay won’t be quick at all, and they’d be better off using lobby browser, even if they have to join games that only show up under the Far or even World search distance setting.

The reason that Quickplay is no longer functioning “quickly” for a lot of players may be that Steam redefined for many regions what they recognize as a “Nearby Region”, it may have excluded some regions that it recognized before as “nearby”, and Steam may not have documented this change. That, or the game simply may no longer have enough active concurrent players to support the current design of Quickplay: as players are split across Modded and Official Realms, split across Four Difficulties, and, if they are doing Okri’s Challenges or Character-specific dailies, and have the V2 Network setting “Suggest Other Heroes” set to OFF, then there just won’t be many matches available in Near/Medium, and Quickplay will take forever to connect them, as it will end up making a lot of people who hit quickplay be hosts and so we end up with a lot of lobbies with only 1 or 2 players.

If you go into the Lobby browser and select Far/World you will see lots of games. But it caps at 50 displayed in the browser. And it seems that Steam has a system so that it returns the first 50 it thinks are the best (this system isn’t perfect, but it certainly isn’t returning RANDOM games from all over the world). So if you are in America, then the 50 lobbies that Steam returns when you select “World” in the browser will all likely be games in America, it won’t display games in India or China for you.

Even games that only show up under “World” in the lobby browser may have perfectly fine connections with no lag, games you would be satisfied being connected to in Quickplay. But Quickplay will never match you to these games as they are outside the Regions Steam has defined for searching in Near/Medium FOR YOUR REGION.

What you need to do Fatshark:

Simply change Quickplay to expand to at least “Far” before giving up and forcing the player to host. That or simply disable Quickplay and require everyone to use the Lobby Browser or manually host a match to start a game.

There doesn’t seem to be a bug in Vermintide 2 at all the is causing Quickplay delays. The problem is caused either by Steam redefining what counts as “nearby regions” or V2 just doesn’t have enough players anymore, split in so many ways, to support the old design of Quickplay.


An option to never/always host quick play would be nice as well.


Just a simple test anyone can do to confirm what I’m saying.

Go into your Steam Settings, click the Downloads tab, change the Download Region to Russia or some other foreign country. Restart Steam. Load Vermintide 2. Open the Lobby Browser. Check the Near or Medium search ranges. The games that show up will all be Russian games.

Interestingly, there’s a lot more people playing in Russia than the Southwest United States!

From Beijing, didn’t they say they fixed the characters?

Germany here - 3 games near, 5 games medium

Sometimes i´ve got 20 lobbies and then all are gone. It still takes ages till someone joins. A lot of dc´s from other players when i´m host and even when i´m client.

So this is maybe a solution for ppl in “low-player-base-areas”, but something is still going on…

Which region of Germany specifically? You can go into Steam Settings, click the Download Tab, then check the “Download Region” drop down. Germany has five different regions.

From further testing with different regions that are close together, what I’ve learned is that some of them have many more “Medium” games available than others. So it seems like some regions have shorter “medium” search ranges than others.

For example, u might select one region, and it has the exact same games listed on both Near and Medium, only four games (all difficulties) for me. But if you switch to a different download region that is only an hour away restart steam and v2, suddenly you have dozens of Medium games, and they include the five games from the first region, since it counts as within the Medium range of the second region. But the games that show up in the Medium range of the second region do not show up in the Medium range of the first region, so Quickplay never finds them.

Until Fatshark or Steam sorts out whatever the problem is or Fatshark changes Quickplay to expand to Far before giving up and making you host, then players who want to find full games faster with Quickplay are just going to have to change their Download Region in steam settings to a nearby region that has a wider range/higher player pop.

it´s germany, anyway where you´re, it´s the middle of europe…and all my medium/quickplay games went to italy, iceland, sweden etc. 2 weeks ago without any lags.

Near games lags now, randoms dc´s more often, hosts got a lot of dc´s etc…
It needs ages till a lobby is filled and so on.

Something got wrecked with the latest patches or in the background. That have nothing to do with the download region. It worked much better before for a lot of ppl.

No man I know where Germany is. I mean in your Steam settings, in the download tab, which “Download Region” is it? Steam lists Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Munich and Frankfurt as different options. Try switching to a different download region, restart Steam and V2, and see if that is any better.

Download Region in Steam DEFINITELY 100% affects matchmaking. I can switch to a German region and it will quickplay me into German games. Or I can switch to Russian region and get Russian games etc.

Like I am in America. I switch to Germany - Berlin right now I get tons of games in Medium range:

If I switch to Germany-Dusseldorf I get less games (but still a lot more than in my American region in the Southwest!)

Mate you don´t get it…

Get what? Did you check your Steam settings?

Your Steam Download Region Setting, not your actual physical location, determines which games the matchmaking system tries to match you with.

If you live in Canada, but your Download Region setting is Japan, then the Near/Medium games listed in the Lobby Browser will be Japan. If it is Italy, then Italy. If it is US-Phoenix, then Southwest US.

I tested all five different download regions in Germany and they all had a decent number of games of all difficulties available in near/medium (which quickplay searches) range. Only Germany-Munich had the least games, only like 3 legend games open in near/medium when I checked an hour ago.

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y düsseldorf like ages ago… still germany, middle of europe… and whole europe was shown 2 weeks ago and yet, i can only find german lobbies.

You don´t understand, that a lot of ppl reported the same issue. Do you really think everyones settings are wrong through magic?

or that it shoudn´t even be possible, that i played with ppl from iceland with no lags or dc´s and actually there are a lot of issues, even if the lobby is full of germans…

or that there are 3 lobbies and magical there are 30 lobbies near. 1 second later there are 3 again…

or that it takes ages till somebody joins a hosted game…

and… and… and… There is an issue…

Yes this trick may help some ppl with wrong settings or in Oceania etc., where not that much ppl play that game, but this is no solution.

I’m one of the people reporting the issue! In my region, there are hardly any games available! Often none in Legend or even Champion! It can take until the end of the map before even one person joins a game I host in my region!

What I am saying is that SOME regions are searching farther away than others! This is what is causing the problems! Until Fatshark or Steam makes a change, you can change your Download Region in Steam Settings to a different region, and that will find more games for you to join.

There’s no “wrong setting” for you to have. Whatever setting is in your Steam Download Setting as your Download Region IS the region it will search when it tries to matchmake you! If you want to play with people in Russia, you can change your Download Region to Russia and it will Quickplay you into Russian games instead of wherever it is you are actually playing from.

As far as your disappearing games problem, I do not know what is the problem there, but I connected to Germany-Dusseldorf from America and saw lots of games available and didn’t have a disappearing game problem in the lobby browser.
This is why I suggest to you to try changing you Steam setting, change the Download Region to Germany Berlin or Frankfurtter and see if that is any better for you.

Another thing to remember is that if a person who is physically present in Iceland or in America has their Steam Settings set to Germany-Dusseldorf region, and they host a game, then the matchmaker will add other players with that Germany region setting to their game, even though the host is actually in America!

I know you mean it friendly and wanna help ppl here, but that´s still not my problem. ^^

I don´t even have a real problem, because i mostly host by myself and i´m fine with my bots. But it´s even a bit sick to loose some matches, because the host (if im client) dc´s more often or noone will join QP, got lags even with a full german lobby etc. .

There is an issue and my only interest is, that FS will fix it quite fast. I´m ok with some bugs etc., but that game lives from matchmaking and that have to work.

It sounds more like a problem with your own internet connection if you are getting lots of disconnects, not a bug in matchmaking or anything. Matchmaking is fully controlled by Steamworks, V2 just queries steams for lists of other players, then connects them to whoever is the host.

As I’ve explained, the problem with “nonone joining QP” it taking a long time to fill a lobby through quickplay, is because some regions just have very limited search ranges for quickplay.
I think there must be a language gap between us or you aren’t reading everything I write.

It´s not up to me that other ppl got a lot of dc´s. No matter if i´m Client or Host and you can´t tell me that there are still ppl with a toaster in germany.
All worked fine until the QP issue.

How often do i need to say, that i got matched with quite everyone in europe and get germans only now and that even takes a long time?^^
You can´t tell me, that´s only a “steam-region” issue, if a lot of ppl got this from one day to the other.
I would even go so far to say, that the most V2 players are from germany and i´m 100% sure, they won´t /didn´t change their settings.

Dude, you seem to be unable to comprehend what I am writing here. I am absolutely NOT saying THEIR steam settings OR ANYONE ELSE’S steam settings are “wrong”.

V2 Matchmaking matches you to teams based on your Steam DOWNLOAD REGION setting. If your setting is US-Phoenix, it will match you with US-Phoenix and surrounding areas when you hit quickplay. If you are Germany-Munich, then Germany-Munich and surrounding areas. Some Regions have MUCH WIDER search ranges for quickplay.

IF you are unable to find many lobbies in quickplay these days, it may simply be because less people are playing in your region than were before. All you have to do, is change your Steam Settings to a DIFFERENT REGION. Change your steam setting to a different region to see if there are more games available from that region.

You have FIVE different regions in Germany to check from.

In my area, where I live, where my computer is physically located, I do not have many games available for quickplay. It doesn’t have anything to do with anyone’s settings being “wrong”, there are just less people in my area playing the game these days. So I changed my Steam region to a different one that is nearby. Now I have many games available in V2. Because there are more people playing in this region, and their connections are all good too, since they are very close by.

If someone in Iceland has their Steam setting to Germany, it will match them to you. This isn’t wrong for them to have this setting. You don’t have to have your setting set to where you actually live. You can change it to whatever you want, and it will match you with people in that region.

I really feel like I’m talking to a brick wall here, so I’m not going to explain it again. If you want faster quickplay, then just change your freaking download region in steam. Just do it dude.

Disconnects and crashes are going to happen, for a billion different reasons. That’s a separate issue than finding quickplay games.

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Yeah someone from iceland will go for germany instead of GB maybe?

You can write as much as you want, as long as you don´t get, that it´s not only about QP.
Fine that ppl like you can get other to play with, but i´m still in Germany and here are a lot of ppl.
It still takes ages till someone joins. Anyway if i´m host or just as a client in the lobby.
There are even times with about 20 lobbies (medium range) of just 1-2 guys and i can´t even match with every lobby. It just tries to connect endless. F10 and up to the next Lobby , which hopefully works through Lobbybrowser.

Yes maybe there are less ppl at the daytime, but not in the evening. And it´s still from one day to the other, that matchmaking don´t work properly (not only for me) and that much more ppl cry about lags or just DC from a game. (Yes DC and not ragequit, otherwise the ppl are brainwashed if they leave near the end even as host with full books, all alive etc.)
It worked fine for months. So just please stop telling the same about your regions over and over again and just better read, that it´s not only about a medium-range QP issue.

I’m wondering if I change the download region does it switch this line in the logs?
Lobby data country_code = CH

I think I use too many words for you understand. I make simple.
Some regions bad.
Other regions good.
I was in bad region. Many games months before, but less players these, so less games now.
I switch setting to good region with many games. Now happy. Good regions still have many players and still have good connection.

Seriously, just change your steam setting to a different region and test it out instead of trolling. As for Iceland, ya, if someone in living in Iceland has their steam download region set to Germany, they will join games with other players set to Germany. Someone from Germany may have moved to Iceland and didn’t change their setting to whatever Iceland region is, or they may live in Iceland and just want to play with Germans.

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