The One Feature I Miss From VT1 - Host's Location by Country!

Hello. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but it’s a feature I would like to see in-game, so it’s kind of like feedback.

In Vermintide 1, when looking through the server browser it shows the host’s location by country next to their name. This can be useful if you care about ping, but for me personally it’s just fun to know where the people I’m playing with are located. It establishes a greater connection when I know more details about them.

I don’t know why this feature was removed for Vermintide 2, but I would love to see its return! That’s my feedback.

So after a lot of testing we’ve verified a few things. V2’s matchmaking is different than V1.

Basically right now if you go into lobby browser and set the range to “World” it will only return the 50 lobbies that are pretty close to you, so most of them will be in your country anyway, or close by.

If you want to play with someone from another country, then you need to go into your Steam Settings, click the Download tab, and change your Download Region to whichever country you wish to play in. Then restart Steam and V2, and quickplay or join a match in lobby browser and you can join players in foreign country.

I joined some games in Germany, Russia, and Jordan (Jordan host was through Israel Steam region) today and the connections were all pretty good. Only Jordan had a little lag, but Russia and Germany played fine from America, not much difference from other games in America.

Oh, that’s good to know. I guess it would make sense if Fatshark is expecting a lot of traffic to limit the lobby browser to 50 hosts. I’ll try changing my Download Region sometimes, thanks!

No that is just a Steam thing. The matchmaking lobby is handled by Steamworks. V2 is just displaying the lobbies that Steam returns, and Steam only returns 50. So you can switch to World range in lobby browser, swap through recruit, veteran, etc and it will each max out at 50 games, and they will tend to be pretty close to you. If you want to play with someone in a specific country just change your Steam Download Region setting to a different country.

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