OK, we've got this Quickplay delay (not so quick!) figured out now. Here's what you need to do, Fatshark

Just no comment… xD

What the hell is wrong with you? XD

Quite sure you must be trolling at this point.

Change your Steam Download Region setting and just test it out. Or stop replying to me.

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No… you just cant read and wrote down "steam settings , region settings, etc. " multiple times.

I’m definately not in a “bad” region in Germany and there came along more issues with the matchmaking next to the QP issue. Ans that mit only to me. That’s what you still dont get, because you obviously dont read and just write down stubborn the same things over and over again.
To switch a download region to something else, if you live in germany, would be stupid af, won’t prevent other ppl from lags/dc’s and won’t let them faster join. You probably won’t even find as much ppl anywhere else as you’ll find in germany.
If you dont have other problems, than a low playerbase in your region ok, fine that steam regions fixed your issue.
But good region = good connection + many players dont work anymore. Something happened with the latest patches or mods pr whatever.
So stop talking to me like “i’m a fool”.

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