Ogryn's taunt ability need buff for sure

Ogryn’s taunt ability don’t work well due to it’s small range(12m). High threat enemies are always farther away than expected. As a ‘bodyguard’, it’s not a qualified skill, and it’s worse than charge. To save teammate this patch we need zealot’s new skill only.little range increase will be turely help.In all,this is a skill that only affects enemies but not teammates,why not bigger?


Uh, no? You can spam it cause of these


And you can force shotgunners and shooters (not gunners) go into melee when block their shots with shield. Which is either a bug or just silly. Also if you just hold F you can see taunt radius.

yeah i notice that, i already trying to use shield for tuant,which mean i Gonna hold the shield and bear low movespeed usually,and lost many chance to shot gunners back,yeah this way i can control crowds but also myself. em… not so good.

You don’t need to, block 1 their shot and kill them in melee when they will come closer. You also don’t need to block every shooters blob, sometimes it’s just faster and easier to shot them.

low movespeed


Also use slide a lot to spend less stamina for a greater distance, roll some stamina regen speed or spreen efficiency on curios.

and lost many chance to shot gunners back

If you are strugling with shooters blobs, try rumbler gun, it’s fast to swap don’t take time to aim like rippergun or stubber, will throw blobs all over the place stopping them from shootin at you, it will give you some time for reposition yourself.

Wow, thank you so much for your guidance. Maybe I’m not proficient enough,but tank players need more love right? i still think this tealent tree line is far behind the other two.

I kinda agree with OP on this one, it brings some utility to the team but is so much inferior to the other options. Base range is too short , making the radius increase talent mandatory, with Just getting it started you can refresh his cool down faster but this prevents you from the 25% damage increase on affected enemies.
On the other hand the other 2 options always provide you with buffs to kill enemies faster which is usually preferred.
Still even if i think is the worst option it’s by far not a bad ability that can greatly affect the team if used correctly.

I also agree with OP. The taunt does not feel good, especially on the hardest difficulties. The range is not great. It’s 100% necessary to kill things as quickly as possible on the hardest difficulties, or you get overwhelmed incredibly fast with the elite/specialist spam. You not only trade potential killing speed for suboptimal defense play (most enemies tend to hang further away than measly 12m) and risk getting overwhelmed, but also way more utility with the charge (that basically makes you able to deal with ranged and specials/elites anyway while being way more flexible), and you are trying to suboptimally do what Psyker and Veteran (or gunlugger oggy) do incredibly well right now (Psyker’s dome shield ridiculously outperforms ogryns taunt). Most of the times when you taunt, the taunted enemies die within a single second of the taunt while the next group is already near your team untaunted and with your ability on CD. Meaning, the value from the ability is abysmal. You only get a decent value from taunting Ogryn’s and Monstro (and even then I would 100% just pick the gunlugger that burns the monstro in mere seconds instead of a taunt and people spending up to a minute dealing with it).

You can pick anything else and be way more useful and way less situational. For example, the charge let’s you quickly deal with shooters while restoring toughness and giving you strong buffs, and it also deals with any special/elite. Burn Gunlugger that shifts into the middle keystone is so versatile that you can sustain yourself with melee like nobody’s business, while also being incredibly strong at killing Monstro/DH and Ogryns (literally everything) due to the burning stacks from ranged weapons melting everything (try it with either the Stubber or the Ripper gun, you end up having 80+% of team damage to bosses).

I think it really gets outperformed by everything else and there is currently no real reason to use it, unless you just like the style and are not pushing for auric-maelstrom.

I agree that the base radius is TINY. It probably needs to be at least doubled.

Gunlugger is a different playstyle though. So sure if you only do Auric Maelstrom, which is only 1 type of mission you want only “the meta specs” then taunt is useless.

It’s a form of CC, which keeps everything in one place rather than spreading it, and the damage debuff is nice.

You could, you know, debuff the boss for the gunlugger.

The charge is rather good for sure, and point blank barrage is only good with a few weapons so you could argue it’s even more situational.

If you are running a melee build the charge is probably your strongest pick; I have still found uses for the taunt, like staggering everything, including muties. If there is no boss in sight, you can use it for hordes to speed up the horde clear with the damage debuff. You suppress shooters without having to put yourself in arm’s way, which the charge does sometimes.

With a grenade gauntlet the taunt insures you can 1 shot Ogryns.

Maybe it’s not the best talent, but there are more reasons to use it than it first appears.

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