Ogryn's "Loyal Protector" is nearly useless and has an AMAZINGLY EASY fix/replacement that is already in the code

Having an 8 meter taunt is insanely weak. Anything that you could taunt you can already heavy attack and stagger. This ability is useless against ranged enemies and cannot save or help teammates that you are not already right next to.

I propose 2 different ideas for changes:

  1. Buff the default range from 8 to 20 meters. I don’t recommend this one.

2. Make the ability increase the “Threat” stat for a duration (that can be extended with an extra skillpoint). I KNOW that this is already a coded mechanic because the Veteran has a perk called “Low Profile” that reduces this “Threat” stat by 90% for 10 seconds. If increasing Threat is harder to code, then it could instead reduce the Threat of allies


Right now, the ability applies taunt only once, the moment it is activated.

Instead of taunting everything that is within x meters radius in the moment you activate the ability, it could just continuously taunt anything that gets into that radius throughout the ability’s duration (or initially taunt a big area and then continuously taunt a smaller one).
This would certainly make the ability much more useful.

The taunt effect on the enemy could be reduced from 15s duration to something a bit lower, if necessary, in order to compensate for the continuous reapplication.


I like the poor’s man taunt which allows you to actively taunt what you push. Fun times.


I like that perk too. I honestly find it stronger than the ability, despite, or perhaps because of it being a passive perk.


Works pretty well with maces and shovel if you need those bleed stacks for damage resistence.

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Strongly disagree. It’s balanced with that fact you can spam it, by using these. Especially if you will try to farm cd with light attacks. Your cd will be like ~15 sec or maybe even less

This one force shooters to go in melee, on blocking shots

This game is already feels like moba/arpg/mmo when you are dealing with enemies mostly cause of abilities and not of combat. Either way it should be like IB ult - extremely long cooldown, but big range and duration.

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What is the “Threat” stat?

As far as I know Fatshark has not released direct information on it, but “threat” is how a player generates aggro on enemies. Enemies will have a priority list while chosing what target to attack that takes in to factor things like distance, damage they’ve been dealt, and a host of other factors (potentially). Changing a player’s threat generation changes how much they take priority from enemies to attack. Taunting simply puts you at the top of that enemies attack list.


Threat dictates the chances of enemies targeting a specific player over another. Wumpbugler explained it very well. The veteran has a perk that reduces Threat by 90% after ability use and enemies will just turn around and walk toward other teammates while you shoot them. It’s quite good.

I feel like the only issue with a BIG area taunt is that taunting makes enemies pull out their melee weapons regardless of distance to the player. That is one of the reasons I think increasing Threat is a more clean solution to buffing the ogryn ability.

Is this also the reason why I feel that dogs and trappers invariable come for me first?

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by this, but a person’s playstyle can technically be altered to manipulate the enemies’ targeting system in their favor. It’s possible that your playstyle regularly involves nuances that could lead to being targeted at a higher rate.

In the case of being targeted by more specials, there are a few things I can think of that would cause this. The biggest one is playing away from the team. The game is actually coded to bully lone wolves and will spawn more specials near that player, which naturally with no one else nearby to target will go after you.

Proximity is another case. If you have teammates in multiple directions of you, then enemies outside of your teams “formation” will mostly target them first. I speculate that some enemies like ragers, mutants and dogs either don’t care or will actually target the furthest player more often, until other factors like being attacked, come into play.

I’m usually either in front or rear guard, never in the middle. Maybe that’s why.

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