Ogryn stuff that would be nice

hello there. I play a lot of ogryn and I have a few thoughts on what would be nice additions to the ogryn style of play, some bugs that haven’t been fixed, and overall some tweaks that are probably really biased towards how i play ogryn

Buff Box or switch Rock with Box in the tree
-box is kind of a dead talent with the recent buff to rock, getting access to 15% damage steroid would be nicer for everyone, should be a funny choice between the two instead of thinking about it in terms of “i need to be optimal”, maybe the box could be filled with rocks instead of grenades half the time or it can spill out fire like zealot immolation

Grenade Gauntlets made into an actual melee weapon

  • light attacks remain the same, heavy attack becomes the special pilebunker (free explosion at the end), special attack shoots a grenade that recharges over time, i just like hitting things with fists and that’s the closest we get to it

Box and Rock also made into an actual melee weapon
-i would just like to bash heretics with a rock, do this if it’s impossible to make grenade gauntlets into an actual melee weapon

Loyal Protector needs a steroid
-every other shout in the game gives people toughness, the 25% damage is another talent point and also doesn’t affect monstrosities which is strange, giving ogryns attack speed or stamina or rending or damage reduction or something would make it feel less lackluster, there’s a talent that basically does taunt but better with a shield since it pulls in gunners

Rumbler ammo buff
-is it the best weapon? probably. would this just be overkill? yeah but they did just buff everything’s health pool and the time of free rumbler shots from having a veteran is over

Lucky shot needs a buff/rework/second component to it
-Maybe one free shot every 15 seconds (like rock counter) to make it more enticing for rumbler/kickback users or for those times you just know you’re going to run out of ammo, maybe it acts like ogre magi’s gambling ability in dota and you get a multicast of bullets where it has a 50% chance to proc and then 25% and then 15% and so on

bugs I would like to see fixed (maybe they aren’t bugs)

pacemaker doesn’t seem to work at all, especially with rumbler. I definitely hit more than 5 people.
point blank barrage attacks too fast for blaze away on rumbler/kickback. no stacks!
there appears to be no rock related voice lines. ogryn voice actors should be freely allowed to discuss rocks

there’s probably more but i have forgotten

Why would you want that?
The ogryn has great melee options already.
Right now, the GG is a strong and very useful ranged weapon, which offers something that none of the other ranged options offer.

It would be fun to have those as special attack, even if it does not turn out as feasible to use as your actual melee weapons.

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some of these are really cool ideas, I would push it even further, they just need more weapons outright, the other 3 classes get about 36-41 weapons, meanwhile the orgryn has a selection of 18.

I would love a proper, massive, two handed Ogyrn melee weapon designed for dealing with monsters and elites.

I would like to see a talent tree branch that is not so heavy attack focused, provide some build variety.

on second thought i would rather fatshark not update ogryns

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