Ogryn Cleavers have incorrectly described Cleave targets modifier

Hi there.

Issue Description:
Cleaver type weapons on Ogryn class have Cleave damage listed as one of their modifiers, although what the modifier is responsible for functionally is Cleave targets.

On one hand, Cleave damage typically, on other melee weapons, defines %-based power bonuses against certain types of armour on in-game breeds/enemies.

On the other hand, Cleave targets defines base cleave and stagger values of both light and heavy attacks.

A similar issue seems to have been treated on the Bolter, which had had Collateral modifier identified as Stopping Power, and this issue was fixed recently.

Upload Supporting Evidence:
Image 1: Cleaver with Cleave damage description enclosed

Image 2: A different weapon - a heavy sword - with its Cleave damage page enclosed

Image 3: the identical heavy sword, with its Cleave targets page enclosed, bearing similarity to the one that’s present on Ogryn’s cleavers.

Steam, but likely also present in MS client (I didn’t do a cross-check, as don’t have the capability)

Player ID:
Kjerad (Discord tag)/Steam ID: Steam Community :: Kjerad

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
It’s irrelevant, it likely has been in-game ever since its launch in Nov 2022.

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

its not a bug its intended, some weapons have different stats associated with them, for example crowd control on some weapons is just what it implies, on others like the thunderhammer, attack speed is also added on top of the normal stats you would see on crowd control. its basically what a weapon needs, and probably making people care about a stat more, I wouldnt care if crowd control was a dump stat on thunderhammer if it didnt have attack speed.
EDIT: not sure if your image 3 is the exact same mark, if it is then yeah I see what your saying,
furthermore I wonder if its just a text mistake or if its the actual values of the weapon being changed, if so then thats a big deal and a good catch


I am well aware that certain modifiers do and do not do the exact same thing on different weapons - comparing Crowd Control on a Thunder hammer and Latrine shovel shows that CC modifier on TH does include Attack Speed boon, whereas it doesn’t on the Pooper scooper. It’s the same idea with Finesse modifier - it usually impacts attack speed and critical hit/weakspot-modified damage values, but on Ogryn’s Brunt clubs it only increases attack speed.

All in all I do not think this is more than a cosmetic change - I was just confused to find one modifier responsible for modifying damage values assigned to an attribute that defines cleave values. It would make sense for it to just be called Cleave targets - there is no good reason for it to be otherwise.

I used Heavy Sword as an example exactly, because it has the two culprit modifiers, each described in their intended manner and respective effects.

In the OP I also mentioned that there was a similar issue with the Bolter back in the day - it had had Stopping Power replaced by Collateral. That has been fixed recently, and as insignificant this change is overall, it will at least make it less confusing to read.

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