ThunderHammer/OgrynShovel cleave bug

Issue Description:
heavy attack can hit more than 3 target but don’t damage after the 3rd target even through it hit&stagger them, wich might be a bug in the dmg reduction after 3 target.

i did observe the same bug on the brute brainer Mk III Latrine Shovel light and heavy attack not doing damage after 3 target but still doing stagger which might be the same bug.

ps: damage distribution aka hitmass is shown at the start of the video and on the ogryn one we can see the Raging Bull number of target hit.

Steps to Reproduce:
use any thunder hammer heavy attacks on more than 3 target, same for the latrine shovel with light and 2nd heavy attacks.


Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:
[Screenshots, recordings, links to Twitch VODs, etc.]

However many times people report it this still isn’t a bug, it’s an intended part of the cleave profile for these weapons and a common property of blunt weapons in the Tide series generally.

I really wish people would at least check they’re not making the 10th repeat report on something before posting another bug report.

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what’s your source ?

A) Again this is standard fare for blunt weapons in the Tide series. Look at 2h Hammer in both Vermintide games.

B) There have been multiple other “bug reports” on this where devs have literally come into the thread to say no this isn’t a bug that’s just how their cleave distribution is intentionally coded. I’m sure if you go looking you can find these threads.

C) Most weapons have a cleave target limit for what they damage. Ones that don’t are almost all sword type weapons and are the exception, limits like T Hammer and Shovel have are vastly more prevalent than the sword exceptions. Clearly it isn’t the case that most weapons in the game have bugged target limits.

I agree it’s poorly communicated but again this is how the majority of weapon attacks in the game work so it’s still bizarre to assume it’s not intended.

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Devs comment here:

Crucis Mk II Thunder Hammer Cannot Cleave - Warhammer 40,000: Darktide / Bugs - Fatshark Forums (

This isn’t really anyone but Fatshark’s fault for poorly communicating how weapons work as the question comes up again and again and again.


and strange to limite how many target we can damage when we have hitmass who already do this role, at least we can stagger all our target.
Aniway thx for the answer, may the emperor protect your cleave :slight_smile:


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